A New Way That Password Stealing Malware Infects Your PC

Password-Stealing Malware The acquisition of user IDs has become much easier for cyber criminals in the globalization era. A variety of methods to steal passwords include spyware, key loggers, password stealing malware, and phishing attacks. This can lead to the total loss of essential data held in company or private databases. Most of the methods used by these cyber criminals

Improve Video Conference Calls With The New PTZ PRO 2 Camera

Physical face-to-face meetings are on a sharp decline and this decline is due to a corresponding rapid growth of video conferencing. The last few years have seen immense development in telecommunications. Especially on the teleconferencing front. Many companies are investing in improving video conference technology because of its convenience.    First, watch the funny video below that pokes fun at

Microsoft’s New Surface Go Tablet: Will It Stand the Test of Time

The latest new tablet being released by Microsoft is the Surface Go. So, what does it have that older predecessor’s lack? Though it does share some commonalities with its Big Brother, the Surface Pro, there are a few major differences. Let’s take a look at those and see whether the new Surface Go Tablet will be a winner or a

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