The Four Basics Of Microsoft Azure

the four basics of microsoft azure

What Is A Cloud Computing Platform? Most businesses rely on cloud computing to manage their IT infrastructure. Very few businesses can afford the initial expense of setting up an on-site network with dedicated servers and a large IT team to manage the platform and data storage. At its core, cloud computing is about the storage […]

5 Benefits Of Cloud Processing For Small Businesses

5 benefits of cloud processing for small businesses

Small businesses have realized the advantage of cloud solutions when it comes to data storage but still don’t take full advantage of the benefits of cloud technology. While you may take advantage of traditional web hosting, what are the other benefits of cloud computing for small businesses?  What Is Cloud Processing?  Cloud computing is a catch-all term […]

5 Ways To Protect Your Business From Cyber-Attacks

5 ways to protect your business from cyber attacks

The Cost Of Data Breaches As more people work remotely, cyber-attacks have risen dramatically. According to Statista, data breaches cost US businesses $8.64 million in 2020, showing a significant rise from 2019. The figure is more than double the global average cost per data breach, indicating that US businesses are especially vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Attackers […]