5 Ways A Virtual CIO Can Transform Your Business


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5 ways a virtual cio can transform your business

Protect your business with executive-level IT expertise by hiring a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to handle your cybersecurity! As the internet continues to extend its reach into emerging economies, the number of cyberattacks has drastically increased. Such threats endanger your small business by exposing it to legal liabilities, loss of reputation, and more. 

Every company that maintains an online presence needs expert IT services. However, most start-ups and small businesses lack the funding to create a CIO position. Thankfully, a virtual CIO can deliver all of the IT solutions you need in a more cost-effective way than employing a full-time executive. But, what does a vCIO do, and how can it transform a business? Let’s find out! 

What Does A Virtual CIO Do? 

A virtual CIO represents a suite of Managed IT services that cover the most important duties typically performed by an actual Chief Information Officer. Some of the services offered by a virtual CIO include: 

  • IT architecture management 
  • Network monitoring 
  • Threat assessment 
  • Emergency response and recovery 
  • In-person customer support 

Hiring a virtual CIO provides several benefits to a business. The freedom to call a vCIO when a problem arises and receive on-demand expertise proves invaluable to small and medium-sized companies. And, protection from embarrassing data breaches allows a start-up to grow and flourish. Let’s take a look at five ways a virtual CIO can transform your business. 

On-demand expertise in information technology 

Most small businesses lack the budget to hire a full-time CIO, and, even if they did, very few companies would have enough IT work to warrant the position. A virtual CIO provides the flexibility to pay far less than a CIO salary yet receive the expert IT help and advice that a start-up requires. 

Companies that offer vCIO services often receive a set amount of money each month in return for 24/7 technical assistance. This allows businesses to scale up without paying an executive monthly salary, overspending on hardware and software, or skimping on cybersecurity because a vCIO will use its own cutting-edge technology and experience to protect your business. 

Forward-looking technological wayfinding 

Virtual CIOs do a lot more than maintain a network and troubleshoot problems. They also provide valuable consulting services to help your company devise a workable IT plan for the future. All executives know that a successful business requires vision. And, a vCIO will deliver that for you regarding information security. 

Virtual CIOs perform nearly all tasks that an in-house, full-time CIO would. That includes drafting an IT roadmap and strategizing with business owners to meet long-term company goals. The ability to draw upon the specialized expertise of a remote CIO while looking towards the future of your business represents an irreplaceable service to your company. 

Hiring a virtual CIO will help your team identify inefficiencies in your current technology infrastructure and develop solutions to benefit your company’s overall cybersecurity and improve the efficiency of existing processes.  It will also help employees develop strategic ideas on how they can become more productive at their job. 

IT monitoring and maintenance 

Cyberattacks represent a constant threat to businesses of all sizes. However, while a large corporation can absorb the cost associated with a security breach, many small businesses have collapsed due to the trouble hackers can cause. Thankfully, a virtual CIO provides network monitoring and maintenance to protect your company against threats. 

The daily IT monitoring performed by a vCIO protects your firm, your employees, and your clients. Utilizing various tools, virtual CIOs can identify direct threats to your company, deny access to would-be hackers, and save you the frustration and money lost from a cyberattack. The systems and solutions implemented by a virtual CIO prevent an attack before it occurs. 

The number of companies turning to a virtual CIO to handle their information security has exploded in recent years because the IT industry suffers a shortage of qualified individuals to fill that executive role. The ongoing maintenance required to keep your systems up to date and protect your sensitive data requires specialized expertise that remains hard to find and comes at a high cost. 

A virtual CIO can offer reduced liability exposure 

The damage caused by a cyberattack can destroy a company. A data breach often results in reputational harm that might last for years. A person has a hard time forgiving the mishandling of their private information. Plus, an information security breach can lead to class action lawsuits, the cost of which can bankrupt most small businesses. 

The presence of a virtual CIO immediately mitigates the risk of legal liabilities tied to breaches. Through day-to-day monitoring of network traffic and regular maintenance designed to shore up holes in your company’s cyber attack defense, a vCIO provides services that more than pays for the hiring cost. 

Another form of liability that vCIOs can help you avoid involves fines and other punishments handed out by regulatory bodies. A virtual CIO will help your business maintain compliance with state and federal cybersecurity statutes, which reduces exposure to civil and criminal liabilities. 

Enhanced productivity 

Companies that don’t have the budget for an in-house CIO often use existing employees to solve minor IT problems. This inefficiency can cause a massive loss of production over time. A better strategy involves securing the services of a highly trained specialist who remains available whenever a technology issue arises. 

Misuse of human resources represents one potential pitfall for a company without a vCIO. But, an even bigger one results from hack attempts that disrupt a business’s network. If your company doesn’t have a virtual CIO to protect it from insidious online attacks, you could lose multiple days of productivity. 

Final Thoughts 

If your business has managed to avoid a major hacking attempt up to this point, you should consider yourself very lucky. Over half of small businesses that have experienced a cyberattack end up going bankrupt. Consider protecting your company before it gets hacked with the help of a vCIO. 

Does your business lack a forward-looking IT plan? Call NetworkElites at (972) 235-3114 or (214) 247-6962 to protect your interests from data breaches, hacking attempts, and more. 

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