6 Reasons To Choose VoIP For Your Business


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6 reasons to choose voip for your business

The desk phone of 30 years ago has evolved several times over to become the smartphone we know and love today. While virtually everyone carries a mobile phone around with them nowadays, thats not the only business phone option available to you. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is one of the most intriguingly cost-effective options for businesses in this day and age.

In this article, well go over six of the most convincing reasons why you should choose a VoIP system for your business phone service. Well also introduce you to some of the requirements for setting up VoIP systems. 

What Is VoIP?

As you may have guessed from the name, an internet protocol VoIP phone system uses your web connection to provide an internet-based phone service. Whereas the wired phone calls of the past were transmitted over phone lines, VoIP calls are cloud-basedin other words, your calls transfer through the internet. 

You can still call anyone with wired or mobile phones, and your customer will never know that youre contacting them from the internet instead.

VoIP systems have many benefits over traditional phone service, most of which well get into in the meat of this article. If your smartphone has an option that enables calls over Wi-Fi, youve probably even used VoIP before, albeit in a lesser capacity. 

6 Reasons to Upgrade Your Small Business Phone System with VoIP 

Now that you know whats involved with VoIP phone systems, its time to dive into why you might want one! While VoIP service isnt for everyone, VoIP phone systems can provide numerous advantages over a traditional office phone solution. Well introduce you to some of them below. 

Lower Costs

Most small businesses are looking to lower costs while maintaining high-quality goods and services. Fortunately, for these small businesses, switching over to a VoIP provider can be an excellent way to find some extra cost savings.

Not only does a VoIP plan offer flat savings over a wired plan, but VoIP providers instantly cut out those installation costs, too. Because your VoIP plan works over your existing network infrastructure, as long as your current setup can support it, no upgrades are needed.

A traditional phone set up with phone lines simply does not compare, as traditional phone lines need to be upgraded whenever you reach their maximum capacity.

Dont forget that VoIP phone systems save you money on other things, too. Your web service provider may charge a flat per-month fee for VoIP services, but the use of the system is toll-free. Another of the many advantages of VoIP is that the number of calls you can handle is limited only by your personnel, not by the number of office phones you have. 

Space-Saving, Flexible, and Scalable

Remember how we talked about cutting installation costs in the paragraph above? Because VoIP providers usually dont need to install any extra hardware, all of that saved space is yours to use as you see fit. As long as the network in your place of business can handle the load, a VoIP setup for your business is often completely plug-and-play and ready to use instantly.  

If your businesses cant handle the network load from a quality VoIP setup, youre not out of luck, though! You still have the option of hosted VoIP systems, which are entirely cloud-based. While the VoIP technology for a large business may need on-location servers to handle the extra network traffic, a hosted VoIP business charges slightly extra to eliminate this need. 

Business-Related Features

While not all small businesses need a host of extra business-related calling features, its never bad to have a few growth-minded advantages in your back pocket. Among other things, some of the additional VoIP features you can look for from your favorite provider include:  

  • Video conferencing 
  • Call forwarding 
  • Call recording 
  • Mobile app access 
  • Conference calling 
  • Voicemail to text 
  • Voicemail to email 
  • Caller ID 

 As long as you have an internet connection at your place of business, you can access all of the features of a traditional phone plan, plus advanced features that would normally cost more from a traditional provider. However, when looking at VoIP providers, make sure to find a plan that fits all your needs for the right cost, as not all providers may offer the same benefits. 

Higher Call Quality

Would you believe that VoIP offers better voice quality and sound than even most smartphones today can? While it depends on the location of your business and the bandwidth your business can support, VoIP codecs continue to evolve all the time, so VoIP only ever improves. 


If youre worried about what happens when your ISP goes down, you have no need to fear. Because Voice over IP doesnrely on a physical route, you can easily forward a call to your smartphone or home network temporarily if necessary.  

Because your VoIP service will be backed by a large provider, you can have faith that your service will always come back on after it goes down. Additionally, because todays VoIP businesses compete for who can offer the most reliable services, the reliability of these systems continues to get better every year. 

Worldwide Access

Because all Voice over IP systems are network-based, you (and your employees) can access them from anywhere in the world. This means that you can keep your business running as usual when youre on vacation if your physical store closes down, or when moving to a new location. You can also easily deploy new departments in different locations around the world if you so desire.

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