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7 advantages of managed data backup and recovery services

Regardless of your business’s size, you likely rely on technology to store, organize, and maintain data. Unfortunately, situations like ransomware attacks and power outages can arise and jeopardize data stored on computers and servers. Lost or compromised sensitive information could be devastating to a small- or medium-sized company and its customers.

Managed backup and recovery services from managed IT experts in Plano, TX, are an effective alternative to an on-site backup solution. The advantages of data backup and recovery from a managed service provider outweigh the risks of settling for minimal data protections in-house.

Consider the benefits of the service as listed below.

About Managed Backup Services

Managed backup services come from a third-party managed service provider. Your chosen provider designs and stores data backups for your company using managed cloud services and other secure off-site technologies. The service makes it easy to protect sensitive information from exposure and recover data lost to equipment failure, a natural disaster, or a power outage.

Cloud services are ideal for managed backup and recovery services because they aren’t vulnerable to exposure from on-site threats. Even if something or someone exposes or destroys physical data storage, the managed service provider will regularly back up information to the cloud for you to access when necessary.

Frequently backing up information and maintaining storage systems is time-consuming and expensive, so in-house storage protections might not suit small businesses. However, managed backup services provide optimal protection with additional benefits.

Advantages of Data Backup and Recovery

Cost reduction

Outsourcing data protection and recovery could result in lower overhead costs. You would not need to pay for essential services like bandwidth extensions, cloud storage space, or storage devices. You will not only spend more on IT support handling everything in-house, but you could also experience a slow-down in other business operations if you don’t have enough staff to accommodate everything.

However, outsourcing your data recovery reduces the need for an in-house team, saving you money on hiring, training, and supporting employees. The managed service provider will care for your data recovery needs and create disaster plans to protect you against malicious cyber attacks and costly mistakes in handling data.

Expert advice

Data recovery and backups can be complex, so some in-house IT staff may not be experienced or knowledgeable enough to address issues or create reliable data recovery plans. One of the essential advantages of a managed service provider’s data backup and recovery services is access to professional security experts.

Outsourced IT and security professionals tend to have a more intricate understanding of managed data security. They can support your business and in-house IT team, if you have one, with troubleshooting, advice, system monitoring, and disaster recovery planning.

Proactive system monitoring

On-site IT departments for small businesses may be sufficient for basic cyber security needs. However, a team of one to three people might not be enough to monitor the system against the ever-rising threat of cyber attacks.

It is not uncommon for small in-house IT teams to become overwhelmed by monitoring their systems. Managed service providers have the skills and staff to offer 24/7/365 proactive monitoring of your system, including cloud storage and data centers. The outsourced team can immediately take action if something goes wrong because they constantly pay close attention to your network.

Regulatory compliance when it comes to data backup and recovery

Most businesses have rules and standards that they must follow based on their industries. Data protection is something many organizations comply with to avoid legal troubles and damage to their reputation. Managed data backup and recovery services will help your business remain in compliance.

Your managed service provider will consider the standards and laws for your specific industry in the services they provide. Not only will the managed data recovery team protect your data, but it will also ensure that your business meets all regulatory compliance requirements. This is one of the most crucial advantages of data backup and recovery.

Business data recovery and restoration

Instead of overwhelming employees or an on-site IT team with backing up data and creating viable restoration plans for emergencies, it is better to work with a third-party managed backup provider. The outsourced team will dedicate itself to managing your backup and recovery needs while ensuring that your business’s network is secure against data security threats.

Fast response time

Business owners often assume that having an outsourced data backup and recovery team means response times will be slower than an in-house team. However, the opposite is usually more accurate.

A managed service provider can recover your data quickly because they frequently back up systems. If trouble arises, they can restore your network so that your employees can maintain their productivity standards. In-house IT teams for small businesses usually adhere to standard work hours, but a managed IT team with 24/7 monitoring is always available.

Less downtime

Data loss can be detrimental to your business, and recovering without assistance can take time. It is not uncommon for companies to have days or weeks of downtime dealing with data or cyber security threats, meaning the business will be less productive and earn less money. The longer a company stays down, the more money it can lose.

Compromised data is a possibility, but with a third party managing your backups and recovery efforts, you can rest assured that business downtime will be minimal. Since the recovery team continuously monitors your system, they will know about potential dangers and vulnerabilities before they cause significant issues. They will work quickly to recover data and restore systems.

Partner With Network Elites For Reliable Data Backup And Recovery

The advantages of data backup and recovery are plentiful when you choose Network Elites as your managed service provider. Natural disasters, human error, equipment crashes, and cyberattacks can happen at any time, resulting in data loss. However, Network Elites offers unmatched data protection and backup plans to businesses of any size throughout North Texas.

Our team of IT experts and consultants will customize your backup solution to suit your business’s needs. Our goal is to keep your company running smoothly, even during a crisis. Contact our team today for more details about Network Elites’ backups and disaster recovery services.

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