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Network Elites is a network services company in Allen, TX offering exceptional support with affordable IT Managed Solutions. A business can increase productivity by using managed IT services while reducing the workload on their in-house IT team. IT support is a business-critical area, and problems of varying severity and complexity occur every day. Network Elites provides support and services around your critical infrastructure, network, application, and data on a  24X7 basis. They offer

  1. Cloud Migration
  2. Networks and Infrastructure
  3. Security Services and Solutions
  4. Support Services
  5. Software as a Service (SaaS)
  6. Wireless and Mobile Computing
  7. Communication Services
  8. Strategic Leadership and Data Analytics

Quality IT Support Delivered By Experts

When it comes to completely manage IT support and cybersecurity in Allen, TX, nothing beats the expertise of Network Elites. As a full-service networking company committed to increasing efficiency at a lower cost, we provide everything you need to ensure the highest integrity across all your systems and data. Our managed IT security solutions protect your business from risk, while our cloud-based solutions allow you to experience reliable and consistent access to your important information and applications. Let our experts provide the quality IT maintenance and support that you need to create profits with your business.

Adapt to technological changes through Cloud Works

Cloud-based services offer scalable and reliable IT infrastructure that is specifically designed to streamline business performance and growth. To better understand why more businesses in Addison Texas are moving to the cloud, here are some of the key advantages of cloud migration:

Flexibility – There is a high level of flexibility provided to businesses that invest in cloud-based services. Remote cloud servers offer almost unlimited bandwidth and storage space, which allows businesses to instantly scale up and down their capacities to support growth and cope when website traffic increases.

Business Continuity – Businesses can now afford reliable disaster recovery and backup solutions without any investment in physical devices. For many businesses investing in complex disaster recovery plans can be a costly venture and backing up data is time-consuming. The cloud itself is designed in such a way that data stored in it is mirrored across the servers so that if one fails, data is instantly backed up.

Cost Efficiency – The most significant advantage of cloud computing is the IT operational cost savings. Using remote servers removes the need for in-house storage equipment and application requirements, as well as overhead costs such as software updates, management, and data storage.

Security Services and Solutions

Ransomware occurs when malicious entities attack your computer system to encrypt your business-related data.  If you do not have a good offsite backup plan in place, where the attack is able to reach your offsite backups, then you are without access to all your data. That is where the ransom part comes into play, ransomware has recently evolved into a more serious threat to businesses. To gain access back to their data, organizations often pay the ransom to receive the decryption key. To prevent ransomware attacks and other threats from the hacking and cybercriminal community, each business shall protect their business networks and data from unauthorized access through cybersecurity.

Cynet a game-changing endpoint protection solution that works seamlessly with your existing endpoint security solutions to create an almost impenetrable defense against even the most sophisticated attacks. It monitors four vectors of your infrastructure, such as users, files, networks, and hosts. The solution addresses the threats through pre-defined remediation, custom remediation, attack specific response developed by SOC.

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For the most comprehensive range of managed IT solutions including security solutions, security services, Cloud migration, Cloud-based services, Consulting with IT Project, helpline support, Disaster Recovery services, storage, and support in Allen, TX, the team at Network Elites is your number one call. Find out more about our services including our free network audit for our clients by calling today at (214) 247-6962.