Frag Attack Vulnerability And How To Protect Your Company

frag attack vulnerability and how to protect your company

Wi-Fi networks and technologies enable your business to compete in today’s competitive market. Unfortunately, these invaluable Wi-Fi technologies contain built-in design flaws.  Emerging threats called fragmentation and aggregation attacks take advantage of these implementation flaws. As part of our mission at Network Elites, we protect our clients from frag attack vulnerability and other emerging cyber […]

Network Visibility: Why It’s Critical For Your Business

network visibility why its critical for your business

Network visibility refers to a company’s awareness of its network regarding security and network traffic. Network visibility enables companies to understand their network information better to make business decisions. Networks are becoming more complex as more businesses try to stay at the forefront of network technologies. Suppose you aren’t familiar with IT services and network […]

IT Strategy Issues Businesses Face & How to Overcome Them

it strategy issues businesses face how to overcome them

IT is crucial in developing, growing, and executing most modern businesses. It’s gone beyond a supporting role in the business process to a mandatory foundation for growth. Many organizations understand this paradigm shift. However, some are yet to address core IT strategy issues hampering business growth or posing a threat to sustained growth. 11 Common […]

SLA: What Is A Service-Level Agreement?

sla what is a service level agreement

An SLA is a service-level agreement that defines the relationship between a customer and a supplier. SLAs are crucial in outsourcing vendor contracts as they outline service expectations and summarize solutions if obligations are not met. While SLAs typically define the relationship between service providers and customers, sales and marketing teams also use them to […]

Top 8 Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Support For Your Business

top 8 benefits of outsourcing it support for your business

As technology advances, businesses are becoming more reliant on computer systems, cloud storage, and other digital services. Many organizations stay ahead of their competition and tech needs by investing in robust IT support. Maintaining a company’s technology and cybersecurity takes substantial IT expertise and time. Having in-house IT support may be the ultimate goal for […]

7 Advantages Of Managed Data Backup And Recovery Services

7 advantages of managed data backup and recovery services

Regardless of your business’s size, you likely rely on technology to store, organize, and maintain data. Unfortunately, situations like ransomware attacks and power outages can arise and jeopardize data stored on computers and servers. Lost or compromised sensitive information could be devastating to a small- or medium-sized company and its customers. Managed backup and recovery […]

What Is Cyber Resilience & Why It’s Critical For Businesses?

what is cyber resilience why its critical for businesses

Cyber Resilience: Importance and Best Practices In today’s cyber landscape, criminals can continuously change their attack methods based on the latest technologies. The sophistication of cybercriminals and ransomware make it difficult for businesses of any size to remain competitive in an unpredictable environment while protecting their data, network, critical business processes, and applications.  Unfortunately, data […]

7 Consequences Of A Data Breach

7 consequences of a data breach

The continuous advancements in technology make it easier for businesses to engage with customers. Companies often utilize cyber security measures to protect sensitive professional and personal data. However, hackers are always learning new ways to infiltrate organizations. According to Statista, businesses reported 1,001 data breaches in 2020. These cases compromised the personal information of more […]

Top 6 Cybersecurity Trends To Consider This Year

top 6 cybersecurity trends to consider this year

Data breaches have been increasing in recent years. Hackers are breaking records year after year for cyber attacks, especially in the last two years, with few signs of slowing down. Businesses of all sizes should be considering these cybersecurity trends to improve the protection of their valuable work. This Years Cybersecurity Trends Professionally managed security […]

Why HIPAA Compliance Matters In IT

why hippa compliance matters in it

HIPAA compliance is as crucial to health insurance providers and healthcare providers as to patients. HIPAA rules have serious implications when broken, but your organization should be wary of HIPAA violations for myriad reasons. HIPAA was set in place to safeguard patient data and sensitive information. That said, much of the onus falls on healthcare […]