How can Azure help your business?

Microsoft Azure is set of cloud services designed to help address many business challenges. It allows organizations to build, manage, and deploy applications on a global network with ease. Furthermore, Azure allows management of applications on-premise, in the cloud, or both, and allows tools to help scale your applications using the most popular languages, tools, and frameworks.

Microsoft Azure provides access to hundreds of products/services to help you, from machine learning to developer tools, DevOps, identity management, IoT and more. Additionally, we will help you leverage these powerful services to provide powerful experiences for your customers and your organization.

Network Elites has a team of experts that can help you leverage this powerful platform to solve your business challenges quickly and cost-efficiently. Moreover, our team thrives to deliver on your strategic visions. In addition, we have experience assisting in data migrations, hosting, virtual machines, storage solutions, database management and more.

Cloud Services

Azure’s cloud services benefit from high availability and scalability.

    • Focus on apps, not hardware
    • Also, support for popular languages including Java, Ruby, Node.js, .NET, PHP, and Python
    • Additionally, automatically scale up or down to save money by using resources only when they’re needed
    • Monitoring and load balancing integrated in each application
    • Lastly, automatic system and application patching to keep your apps secure
Cloud Services
Cloud with Azure

Develop, package, and deploy powerful applications and services to the cloud with Azure Cloud Services, and the click of a button. Scale from 1 to 1000 in minutes. Once your application is deployed, that’s it—from provisioning and load balancing, to health monitoring, Azure handles the rest. Correspondingly, your application is backed by an industry-leading 99.95% monthly SLA.

Focus on building great applications, not babysitting hardware

You don’t have to worry about patching, faulty hardware, or network issues. Use Azure Cloud Services to deploy your application, keep it continuously available during crashes and failures, and redirecting traffic from troubled instances to ones that are running smoothly. In addition, automatic operating system updates mean that your application is always highly secure, without maintenance windows or downtime.

Building Great Applications

Mobile Services

Azure lets you easily build engaging cross-platform apps for Android, iOS, and Windows. Furthermore, you can easily integrate Azure Active Directory or connect securely to on-premise resources like SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, and Sharepoint.

Mobile Services
    • Build engaging apps with popular cross-platform frameworks like Xamarin or PhoneGap
    • Build apps that can work offline and sync data with the cloud
    • Also, integrate with social media platforms
    • Scale to millions of devices and users
    • Enterprise SSO authentication

Virtual Machines

You get the flexibility of choosing your language, workload, and operating system with support for Linux, Windows Server, SQL Server, Oracle, SAP, and more. Also, Azure’s VMs give you the power to configure a deployment the way you need in seconds. For instance, following four characteristics stand out:

    • First, only pay for what you use/need
    • Second, enhanced security integrated
    • Third, flexibility with OS, on-premise or in the cloud, use your own images or download certified images from the Marketplace
    • Fourth, Azure Marketplace provides access to software to help power your VMs

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