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tips for security using public wi-fi

Tips For Security Using Public Wi-Fi

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Today, more businesses offer Wi-Fi than ever before. It is not hard to find free Wi-Fi wherever you are in the country. However, you must understand the risks you are…
creating your own secure password

Creating Your Own Secure Password?

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Data and identity thieves are sophisticated, but the weak spot in most security breaches remains the password. Cybercriminals who hack your password can use it against individuals and companies to…
what is an ssd

What Is An SSD?

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Solid-State Drive (SSD) A solid-state drive (SSD) is the cutting-edge of computer storage devices. These speedy flash-based drives leave mechanical hard disks in the dust. If your computer is too…
four ways cloud computing will change the future of business

Four Ways Cloud Computing Will Change The Future Of Business

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The advent of the cloud has made physical hardware and physical servers obsolete, especially for small businesses. What started as a unique method of data storage has become something much…
the 10 voip myths that are holding you back

The 10 VoIP Myths That Are Holding You Back

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Many businesses still rely on outdated traditional phone systems, despite there being better options available. Considering how the internet has changed the ways we do business, it's very surprising that VoIP technology…
the four basics of microsoft azure

The Four Basics Of Microsoft Azure

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What Is A Cloud Computing Platform? Most businesses rely on cloud computing to manage their IT infrastructure. Very few businesses can afford the initial expense of setting up an on-site…
5 benefits of cloud processing for small businesses

5 Benefits Of Cloud Processing For Small Businesses

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Small businesses have realized the advantage of cloud solutions when it comes to data storage but still don't take full advantage of the benefits of cloud technology. While you may take advantage…
5 ways to protect your business from cyber attacks

5 Ways To Protect Your Business From Cyber-Attacks

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The Cost Of Data Breaches As more people work remotely, cyber-attacks have risen dramatically. According to Statista, data breaches cost US businesses $8.64 million in 2020, showing a significant rise…
5 reasons why you need to start using a managed antivirus service

5 Reasons Why You Need To Start Using A Managed Antivirus Service

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What Is A Managed Antivirus Service? A managed antivirus service outsources your antivirus management to an expert company, usually as part of a cybersecurity solution. The managed services provider (MSP)…