Running Outdated Technology Is Bad for Business

Old PC's: We have been seeing a larger than usual volume of problems in the market lately from companies using outdated technology and old PC’s. Having the old mentality of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Is a bad idea when running your own small business. Generally, if you are running your business on a server or PC that

Exactis Data Leak (Questions/Answers)

Exactis Data Leak Reveals the Dangers of Less Efficient Security Measures around People’s Data The new data leak at Exactis, a marketing and data-aggregation firm based in Florida, presents a great many opportunities for cyber criminals. They can launch any number of attacks on unsuspecting victims over the next several months. Exactis collects loads of personal data on nearly every

Are You Scared of the Cloud?

Why Private Infrastructure Is Better Than Multi-Tenant Whenever you want to choose an appropriate cloud infrastructure, begin by asking yourself a number of questions. One of the most obvious questions is: Which is better? Private or public cloud infrastructure? You definitely need an option that assures you of good performance, affordable costs, strong data security, and flexibility. There are two

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