What Is Ransomware?

what is ransomware

Major ransomware attacks are becoming more common and regularly make the news. With an increase in previously unknown cybercrime, many people wonder if they’re at risk. But what is ransomware, exactly?  What Is Ransomware And Who Are Its Victims? Ransomware is malicious software that gains access to a person’s valuable files or other sensitive data […]

10 Practical IT Security Tips

10 practical it security tips

When your business has outdated software, several things can go wrong. Unfortunately, the number of cyber attacks and security breaches increases each year. With this in mind, you must protect your sensitive data at all costs.    That is why it is wise to hire a full-service IT solutions firm like Network Elites.   Network Elites helps businesses improve […]

Tips For Security Using Public Wi-Fi

tips for security using public wi-fi

Today, more businesses offer Wi-Fi than ever before. It is not hard to find free Wi-Fi wherever you are in the country. However, you must understand the risks you are taking when using public Wi-Fi. Most public Wi-Fi hotspots are not secure and can expose your sensitive data to cybercriminals.   That is why you should know […]

Creating Your Own Secure Password?

creating your own secure password

Data and identity thieves are sophisticated, but the weak spot in most security breaches remains the password. Cybercriminals who hack your password can use it against individuals and companies to steal money, spy, and blackmail.   If you are wondering, “How secure is my password?” read on.  Creating A Secure Password  Here is what you should […]

The 10 VoIP Myths That Are Holding You Back

the 10 voip myths that are holding you back

Many businesses still rely on outdated traditional phone systems, despite there being better options available. Considering how the internet has changed the ways we do business, it’s very surprising that VoIP technology hasn’t had the same type of mass appeal.  If you’re still stuck with traditional phone service, you may be reluctant to switch your phone service to something […]

5 Ways To Protect Your Business From Cyber-Attacks

5 ways to protect your business from cyber attacks

The Cost Of Data Breaches As more people work remotely, cyber-attacks have risen dramatically. According to Statista, data breaches cost US businesses $8.64 million in 2020, showing a significant rise from 2019. The figure is more than double the global average cost per data breach, indicating that US businesses are especially vulnerable to cyber-attacks. Attackers […]

5 Reasons Why You Need To Start Using A Managed Antivirus Service

5 reasons why you need to start using a managed antivirus service

What Is A Managed Antivirus Service? A managed antivirus service outsources your antivirus management to an expert company, usually as part of a cybersecurity solution. The managed services provider (MSP) has the tools, expertise, and experience to remotely manage your antivirus, regardless of the size or complexity of your business. As more and more employees […]

Why Cybersecurity Training Is Critical For Small Businesses

why cybersecurity training is critical for small businesses

Prepare your team for the worst with advanced online cybersecurity training courses hosted by experienced professionals in the cybersecurity industry. Security professionals know that ethical hacking makes up a small percentage of all internet activity. On a global scale, most hack attempts remain nefarious in nature. You need systems in place to protect your workforce […]

5 Ways A Virtual CIO Can Transform Your Business

5 ways a virtual cio can transform your business

Protect your business with executive-level IT expertise by hiring a virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to handle your cybersecurity! As the internet continues to extend its reach into emerging economies, the number of cyberattacks has drastically increased. Such threats endanger your small business by exposing it to legal liabilities, loss of reputation, and more.  Every […]