Top 9 Business Applications of Internet Of Things (IoT)

top 9 business applications of internet of things iot

Modern technological advances are bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. According to Statista, the number of internet-connected devices in 2020 was over 9 billion and will triple over the next decade.  Despite the prevalence of internet of things technology, many people don’t know much about the tech. NetworkElites is here to discuss […]

How To Improve Network Scalability

how to improve network scalability

Network scalability is the ability of your in-office network to handle sudden peaks and valleys in how much data it has to process. You might not think much about your network scalability when starting your business, but as you grow and hire more employees, your network will need more processing power to match the influx […]

IT Strategy Issues Businesses Face & How to Overcome Them

it strategy issues businesses face how to overcome them

IT is crucial in developing, growing, and executing most modern businesses. It’s gone beyond a supporting role in the business process to a mandatory foundation for growth. Many organizations understand this paradigm shift. However, some are yet to address core IT strategy issues hampering business growth or posing a threat to sustained growth. 11 Common […]

SLA: What Is A Service-Level Agreement?

sla what is a service level agreement

An SLA is a service-level agreement that defines the relationship between a customer and a supplier. SLAs are crucial in outsourcing vendor contracts as they outline service expectations and summarize solutions if obligations are not met. While SLAs typically define the relationship between service providers and customers, sales and marketing teams also use them to […]

Top 8 Benefits Of Outsourcing IT Support For Your Business

top 8 benefits of outsourcing it support for your business

As technology advances, businesses are becoming more reliant on computer systems, cloud storage, and other digital services. Many organizations stay ahead of their competition and tech needs by investing in robust IT support. Maintaining a company’s technology and cybersecurity takes substantial IT expertise and time. Having in-house IT support may be the ultimate goal for […]

Why HIPAA Compliance Matters In IT

why hippa compliance matters in it

HIPAA compliance is as crucial to health insurance providers and healthcare providers as to patients. HIPAA rules have serious implications when broken, but your organization should be wary of HIPAA violations for myriad reasons. HIPAA was set in place to safeguard patient data and sensitive information. That said, much of the onus falls on healthcare […]