Secure Video Conferencing: 12 Privacy Best Practices

secure video conferencing 12 privacy best practices

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the use and efficacy of online platforms for educational and business purposes. Using these platforms is a great way to take advantage of modern technology and make business operations more convenient and efficient. 12 Ways To Secure Video Conferencing In Your Business Cybersecurity is growing in importance with the prevalence of […]

What Is Man-In-The-Middle Hacking?

what is man-in-the-middle hacking

In the modern world, protecting your data is essential. Countless individuals and corporations fall victim to cybercriminal activity every year. Man-in-the-middle hacking is one way these attackers can access private information. If you aren’t familiar with this type of attack, the following information may concern you. Fortunately, you can speak to an IT consultant in […]

Network Attacks To Be Aware Of

network attacks to be aware of

Businesses of any size rely on their connection to the internet for e-commerce, information, and marketing. Many use local area networks to allow their computers and other devices to communicate, and this connectivity creates vulnerability to hacking and other malicious acts.  Network Elites, the top IT consultants in Houston, TX, wants our community to recognize […]

Frag Attack Vulnerability And How To Protect Your Company

frag attack vulnerability and how to protect your company

Wi-Fi networks and technologies enable your business to compete in today’s competitive market. Unfortunately, these invaluable Wi-Fi technologies contain built-in design flaws.  Emerging threats called fragmentation and aggregation attacks take advantage of these implementation flaws. As part of our mission at Network Elites, we protect our clients from frag attack vulnerability and other emerging cyber […]

Network Visibility: Why It’s Critical For Your Business

network visibility why its critical for your business

Network visibility refers to a company’s awareness of its network regarding security and network traffic. Network visibility enables companies to understand their network information better to make business decisions. Networks are becoming more complex as more businesses try to stay at the forefront of network technologies. Suppose you aren’t familiar with IT services and network […]

What Is Ransomware?

what is ransomware

Major ransomware attacks are becoming more common and regularly make the news. With an increase in previously unknown cybercrime, many people wonder if they’re at risk. But what is ransomware, exactly?  What Is Ransomware And Who Are Its Victims? Ransomware is malicious software that gains access to a person’s valuable files or other sensitive data […]

Guide To Wireless Router Security

guide to wireless router security

No matter who your internet service provider is, your wireless router is vulnerable to cyber-attacks and scams. Thus, you must have secure wi-fi-protected access to your network at all costs.   Network Elites is here to look out for homes and businesses, protecting them from potential security threats such as phishing, faulty access points, wardriving, […]

Tips For Security Using Public Wi-Fi

tips for security using public wi-fi

Today, more businesses offer Wi-Fi than ever before. It is not hard to find free Wi-Fi wherever you are in the country. However, you must understand the risks you are taking when using public Wi-Fi. Most public Wi-Fi hotspots are not secure and can expose your sensitive data to cybercriminals.   That is why you should know […]

Creating Your Own Secure Password?

creating your own secure password

Data and identity thieves are sophisticated, but the weak spot in most security breaches remains the password. Cybercriminals who hack your password can use it against individuals and companies to steal money, spy, and blackmail.   If you are wondering, “How secure is my password?” read on.  Creating A Secure Password  Here is what you should […]

5 Reasons Why You Need To Start Using A Managed Antivirus Service

5 reasons why you need to start using a managed antivirus service

What Is A Managed Antivirus Service? A managed antivirus service outsources your antivirus management to an expert company, usually as part of a cybersecurity solution. The managed services provider (MSP) has the tools, expertise, and experience to remotely manage your antivirus, regardless of the size or complexity of your business. As more and more employees […]