The 10 VoIP Myths That Are Holding You Back

the 10 voip myths that are holding you back

Many businesses still rely on outdated traditional phone systems, despite there being better options available. Considering how the internet has changed the ways we do business, it’s very surprising that VoIP technology hasn’t had the same type of mass appeal.  If you’re still stuck with traditional phone service, you may be reluctant to switch your phone service to something […]

6 Reasons To Choose VoIP For Your Business

6 reasons to choose voip for your business

The desk phone of 30 years ago has evolved several times over to become the smartphone we know and love today. While virtually everyone carries a mobile phone around with them nowadays, that’s not the only business phone option available to you. VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is one of the most intriguingly cost-effective options for […]