Cloud Connectivity

  • Extend your existing infrastructure
  • Deployment agility through connecting to Cloud
  • Use technology to leverage Cloud
  • Connect when you want to use your infrastructure

Cloud Connectivity

Looking for a secure way to extend your connectivity into Cloud?
Be it a Point-to-Site connection to securely allow individual computers to connect or multiple sites via Site-to-Site Connectivity or setting up a dedicated direct route from your datacenter or site location to the Cloud. Implementation is only the easy bit, knowing how the setup network performs can be very challenging which is a deciding factor for long term sustainability. We can also help monitor and manage your connectivity to ensure you are kept informed in order to make the best decision.


  • IMostly reserved for customers connecting their on-premises network to the cloud environment
  • Once connected to the Cloud, customer now has a hybrid network
  • Allows multiple locations to establish secure connections with each other over a public network
  • Maintain on-premises for lights on and expand in Cloud for new initiatives


  • Allows a secure connect of an on -premises server to your Cloud Virtual Network (VNET).
  • Point -to-site connections don’t require a VPN device, windows VPN Client can be used
  • Point to-site connections use secure socket tunneling protocol (SSTP) with certificate authentication.
  • Provide a simple, secure connectivity solution without having to stand up expensive hardware devices.

Direct Connect

  • Direct Connect is 802.1 VLAN (layer 2) based service.
  • An hourly charge for the port (that varies by the port speed), and also per GB egress charges that vary by location
  • VLAN enabled ports are generally categorized as tagged or untagged.

Express Route

  • Express route is a BGP (layer 3) based service
  • A virtual border router is essential for this type of connection
  • It has charges by port speed, but the price is monthly
    there are no further ingress/egress charges.