Cloud migration flexible enough for every challenge.

Cloud Factory offerings allows you to add a variety of Cloud services related to your specialized offerings in a moment’s notice. Our multi technology expertise on cloud and datacentre technologies enable us to overcome complex challenges on and off cloud. Our best and standardized IT practices allows us to roll out multiple solutions with our highly available, shared resource model.

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Our Complete Cloud Care Services offerings caters to this demand to partners of any size and independent of volume business they bring. Here is how we have broken up our services to ensure that you only take up what you need based on the opportunity you find. We have both project based service offerings and annuity based manages services options all laid out for you to choose.

Its all about Services. Most Services Providers focus on niche offerings and cloud being one of them. But its not always possible to have all theright kind of skill sets to build a complete managed services practice. The ability to quickly start with basic cloud support services or have a complete advance set of offerings for customers without the spending a lot of time and capital is in huge demand.