Cloud Infrastructure

  • Extend your existing infrastructure
  • Deployment agility through connecting to Cloud
  • Use technology to leverage Cloud
  • Connect when you want to use your infrastructure

Cloud Infrastructure

Need to get going on Cloud real fast?
Based on the kind Cloud you want provisioned we can help you set up in no time. Choose from our packages to indicate how much or how less you want us involved in your Cloud infrastructure deployments.
All our offerings are covered with a 30 days post implementation support and also selected offers have options for you to raise tickets after the 30 days support period.
To know more about our Cloud Infrastructure Provisioning package and to get a quotation please contact us


  • IMostly reserved for customers connecting their on-premises network to the cloud environment
  • Once connected to the Cloud, customer now has a hybrid network
  • Allows multiple locations to establish secure connections with each other over a public network
  • Maintain on-premises for lights on and expand in Cloud for new initiatives


  • Allows a secure connect of an on -premises server to your Cloud Virtual Network (VNET).
  • Point -to-site connections don’t require a VPN device, windows VPN Client can be used
  • Point to-site connections use secure socket tunneling protocol (SSTP) with certificate authentication.
  • Provide a simple, secure connectivity solution without having to stand up expensive hardware devices.

Direct Connect

  • Direct Connect is 802.1 VLAN (layer 2) based service.
  • An hourly charge for the port (that varies by the port speed), and also per GB egress charges that vary by location
  • VLAN enabled ports are generally categorized as tagged or untagged.

Express Route

  • Express route is a BGP (layer 3) based service
  • A virtual border router is essential for this type of connection
  • It has charges by port speed, but the price is monthly
    there are no further ingress/egress charges.