Cloud Migration

  • Adopt Cloud technology at a faster rate
  • Start new projects in Cloud for agility
  • Pay as you go and spin down when desired
  • Move your existing applications and data to Cloud

Cloud Migration

If your organization already has a Cloud strategy and has identified application to move to Cloud or needs help with it, you then will want to know what you do next. You can spend your own time and valuable resources to plan the entire migration or speak to a Migration expert whose sole focus is to perform a variety of migrations.
Ensure there is a clear definition of Acceptance and Success, Obtain final sign off on Migration Plan which covers the type, Procure and deploy the necessary tools for migration, Start the Migration and constantly communicate the status, Perform test on the Environment, Data, Create and submit documentation for target environment, Ensure the tests results are validated as per plan sign off, Handover all access, documentation to the client.

Pre Migration

  • Identify workloads to migrate,
  • Identify risks,
  • Design target state,
  • Architect the solution,
  • Prioritize workloads,
  • Initial mitigation plan,
  • Identify tools and services

Post Migration

  • Publish test results
  • Create Documentation
  • Obtain Signoff
  • Support environment