Cloud Monitoring

  • Adopt Cloud technology at a faster rate
  • Start new projects in Cloud for agility
  • Pay as you go and spin down when desired
  • Move your existing applications and data to Cloud

Cloud Monitoring

Moving your customers into Cloud does not automatically provide you rest assured that everything has been taken care of. You still have to deliver value back to your customers on how their workload is performing on Cloud. Your customers may not have the know-how to assess all the issues from their Cloud setup which is where they will rely on you.
As a Services Provider, we can understand how daunting this can be when you get inundated with monitoring tasks for multiple customers. Your valuable resources should be focusing on more important works to build value back to your customer. This is where we step in to help with our Cloud Monitoring service.

Optimization Through Analytics

Servers, switches, clients, and end-user devices produce vast amounts of data. These logs contain valuable data that can offer insight into enterprise inefficiencies, resource consumption, security vulnerabilities, and root causes of downtime. We analyze these logs and reduce the number of alerts raised to streamline the environment further.

Infrastructure Monitoring

On any cloud, we can offer monitoring services, infrastructure, OS, Apps, and DB monitoring (across CPU usage, memory, .storage, IOPS, and performance). We will also provide complete diagnostics of the Cloud environment including but not limited to performance counters, event logs, IIS logs, Crash dumps, Error Logs, Infrastructure logs, etc.