Cloud Computing

“By 2014, 30% of businesses will own no IT assets.”

Gartner, Gartner Highlights Key Predictions for IT Organizations and Users in 2013 and Beyond, January, 2012

Advantages of Cloud Computing

  • 1. The greatest advantage of cloud computing is the ability to scale your entire business without scaling costs. As your business grows, the cloud expands to accommodate your needs. Cloud computing is also horizontally scalable, meaning that you can add greater storage capacity as you need it with little or no additional cost. Scaling allows your business to grow alongside of the technology it uses rather than growing out of it. Scalability is essential when it comes to creating a business model that is cost effective, and IT is no exception to that rule.
  • 2. One of the ways Network Elites helps your business grow alongside the technology it uses is by integrating that technology as efficiently as possible. From using technology solutions that are built with adaptability in mind to helping you implement crucial updates, we work hard to make sure that your technology is working hard for your business. Another key strategy we use is to continually assess the benefits of each technology in use. Sometimes a technology that works for your business in its early stages just simply does not work later on once your customer base has expanded. We have the technological expertise to conduct professional audits that give you insight into what is and is not working for your company.
  • 3. Cloud computing architecture is known as “horizontally scalable,” which means that it is easy to add additional capacity to later on. Whether you have recently hired a large number or employees or gained a massive influx of customers due to unexpected media attention, cloud computing architecture is designed to expand easily without disrupting your work flow. This means that you can grant access to our computing resources to a large number of people without significantly increasing the cost or hiring more employees to manage the increase.

When determining whether outsourcing the management of your Dallas IT infrastructure is the right move for your company, the deciding factor often comes down to resources. Most businesses simply do not have the resources to handle such a significant responsibility without any outside assistance. From the time and costs associated with hiring and training IT personnel to the amount of money it costs to buy all the necessary technology and store it in-house, outsourcing your IT needs to a highly experienced company like Network Elites is likely a far more efficient way to use your limited resources.

  • Reduced licensing costs
  • Improved security due to centralization of data
  • Lower electrical, maintenance, and facility costs
  • Offloaded responsibility from internal IT department to cloud computing services provider
  • Access to your applications anytime and from anywhere in the world with an internet connection

NetworkElites Cloud and Virtualization Technologies

  • Microsoft 365 and BPOS
  • ClearCube Virtualization Solutions
  • Blade Workstations
  • Zero/Thin Clients

Cloud Computing using Microsoft Office 365 as a cost-cutting alternative

Microsoft Office 365 brings familiar applications, including Office desktop software and Office Web Apps, together with SharePoint, Exchange and Lync in the cloud, for the first time. NetworkElites provides complete support for Microsoft Office 365.

Organizations of all sizes and people in all types of jobs will use enterprise-grade collaboration tools, social networks and unified communications to improve the way they work – and never again be trapped behind the firewall or on applications from last decade. In a few clicks, a small business can get enterprise-caliber productivity applications, an expansive capacity to grow, and a team of IT and security experts on its side. It’s not realistic for a small company to acquire these resources on its own, but delivered at scale, customers can get these solutions at a dramatically lower cost – saving 10-50% over comparable alternatives.

BPOS Productivity Suite

Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS) provides several tools that give your business integrated messaging and collaboration abilities in real time. It can do this without any need to deploy and maintain expensive software and hardware on your site, as all data is kept in “the cloud” remotely. These services are well suited to help you meet the needs of your business: security, reliability, and productivity.

The suite includes the following applications:

  • Microsoft Exchange Online
  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • Microsoft Office Communications Online
  • Office Live Meeting

Network Elites CRM Cloud solution makes the process simple

Network Elites CRM is a cloud based system so it’s simple to get started with a low cost to entry. We host and manage all your requisite software and data on our cloud so you don’t spend huge amounts of money getting each machine in your network updated.

Another great feature is that with everything on the cloud, sharing critical data between personnel becomes an absolute breeze. NetworkElites CRM software is completely “on the cloud” so you can access it from anywhere that has a computer, a smart phone or a PDA. No need to purchase or download any special software. No complex configurations to manage.

We will guide you through everything so that the process is absolutely smooth and you can begin managing your business processes immediately. Keep it Simple, Fast, and Reliable You can add as many or as few features of our CRM solution as you like – The choice is yours. Here are just a few of our features that are designed to help small businesses.

  • Cloud based CRM software
  • Multi-user support with custom access privileges
  • Centralized remote database
  • Mobile and wireless software editions
  • Event, calendaring, and task management support
  • Real-time backup of all info
  • Keyword enabled, tagged and full-text search
  • Microsoft Office support and Outlook Email support

You can learn more how Network Elites CRM can benefit you by contacting either our Dallas or Austin TX office.