Companies with no IT staff…

If you are on your own in the Dallas or Austin areas with no IT staff, we become your “virtual” IT professionals to transparently manage your network and PCs on a routine basis and to immediately respond on an as-needed basis. We commit to keeping your business running smoothly at minimal expense to you.

It is not only the largest of companies that can afford to staff a full time 24/7 multi-tiered IT operation with help desk support, upgrade and back up functions, network management and the like. Interestingly, the smallest of companies with no IT staff at all, like you, can get the same level of support for a tiny fraction of the cost.

With Network Elites, you leverage the investment of many other companies who have similar support requirements as you do without having to hire full-time employees. You benefit from a wider range of technical experience, a faster response time, and a more disciplined IT approach without the overhead burden.

Our plans are tailored to meet your needs at higher service levels for monthly costs far below the understaffed “mom & pop” shops or the “high-overhead” MSPs who target the Fortune 1000 companies.

Companies with small IT staffs…

If you have a small IT staff, you can add new IT capabilities without adding full-time personnel. We off-load the day-to-day IT burdens from your IT staff, so that they can focus on developing your business competitiveness. With Network Elites, you gain a team with expansive knowledge to provide productivity at minimal cost.

You may be at that in-between point where your current IT staff is so busy with day to day events that you cannot move to the next level of adding virtualized servers/storage/desktops or adding new business applications without adding staff and grudgingly accepting a long learning curve with additional overhead costs.

NetworkElites solves your dilemma by off-loading the day-to-day IT burdens from your in-house IT staff so they can concentrate on expanding your competitiveness with new applications and capabilities specific to your business. Or we accelerate your implementation by tackling new technologies areas such as cloud computing, security compliance and virtualization where we are already have expertise. Either way, you save money and increase your quality of IT service.

Research our Managed Services, Network Design, and Virtualization sections for examples of how we can add to your existing IT capabilities for less cost.

CIO’s with IT staff…

If you have an existing IT department that you would like to make more efficient, Network Elites will help you optimize your budget without adding full-time employees. We will show you how to add more to your IT department without spending more, making the staff and security solutions you already have in place more effective. We provide the middle ground between outsourcing all your IT needs and keeping your in-house staff the way it is. Many Texas companies are using their in-house staff inefficiently, whether by overloading experienced team members with junior-level tasks that do not utilize their valuable skills or placing a team on projects that could be more efficiently managed through technology solutions supervised by a skilled team member. Considering the ways in which your current staffing resources are being used and making the necessary changes can not only eliminate waste but improve morale and overall productivity.

Thanks to our technical knowledge, we can help you accelerate the timelines for existing projects. This can not only help you keep your growing customer base satisfied but make it possible to use team resources on other projects. We will also help you implement new cost-saving technologies that your existing IT staff can use, such as virtualization and cloud services. By moving data onto the cloud, you can not only reduce physical storage costs but reduce the amount of time your current staff spends on processing physical records and backing up data. One of the most important benefits that Network Elites can provide for CIOs with IT staff is IT expansion without having to pay for extra training in areas your staff is unfamiliar with. This means you no longer have to hire more personnel you do not truly need simply to handle projects your staff is unfamiliar with.

Network Elites is dedicated to helping you optimize your current budget without increasing expenses beyond what is healthy for the growth of your business. Virtualization and other cutting-edge technologies can facilitate growth without the time and monetary costs of training and first-time implementation. We have worked with Dallas and Austin based businesses in similar situations to yours to swiftly and effectively implement new cost-saving productivity solutions, so let us put our experience to work for you.

Network Elites works diligently to become a valuable and trusted ally to all our valued customers. Even if you have no plans to reduce your current IT staff, we will work with your company’s individual needs to reduce costs, increase productivity and offer problem-solving perspectives for all your current IT problems. We place a high value on earning your respect and providing measurable results by decluttering and eliminating waste in your IT department while increasing your staff’s productivity and maintaining a positive work environment. We will also help you manage staff members in the most appropriate way possible, preventing entry-level staff from taking on senior-level responsibilities and giving highly skilled staff the freedom to work on the projects that only they can properly manage.