Computer Updates

Microsoft Updates

As new features and functionality is released periodically by Microsoft, a dedicated team of development resources is releasing fixes to address the problems that are experienced by the user community. These fixes are more commonly known as Microsoft Updates, which are delivered automatically to your windows machines. The process of delivering these updates has evolved over the years and it is still evolving as Microsoft is adapting to the user feedback.

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Why are these Updates Important

  1. These updates include repairing security holes that have been discovered by the user community, these updates address the bugs and or issues that are identified by the internal Microsoft team or user community. This delivery mechanism often releases new functionality that has been identified as a priority or staying up-to-date with the new hardware accessories drivers introduced by vendors.
  2. The Windows updates address software vulnerabilities that are used by the cybercriminals to attack various computer systems, these updates address the issues reactively and in some cases proactively prevent the attacks on computer systems. Cyber attacks are designed to collect your personal data from your computer and exploit that data to their benefits. Keeping your computer up-to-date with the updates helps you secure your system.
  3. Windows Updates contain important changes to improve the performance, stability, and security of the applications that run on your computer. Installing these updates ensures that your software continues to run safely and efficiently.

Network Elites Provides

Patch Management is an integral responsibility of managed services providers, it involves detection, download, installation, and reporting of patches on customer networks.  Patch management can cover operating system patches such as Windows operating systems, Windows desktop operating systems, or third-party patches, like Adobe, Office, and other applications.

Automated patch management occasionally poses challenges when a machine requires a restart after applying patches. We work with our customers to define a patching policy that will work for them and their users.

Our patching process can be customized to perform any or all of these updates

  • Enhancing the software (Upgrade)
  • Installing new drivers
  • Fixing a software bug (Bugfixing)
  • Addressing the latest security vulnerabilities
  • Addressing other software issues
  • Update Rollup
  • Service Packs