Network Elites’ Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) provides automated virtual machine and data replication services. With near-time restoration through managed administration, testing and support, Network Elites’ DRaaS ensures business continuity in a secure Network Elitescloud data center.

Disaster recovery is an essential to business longevity. Without a solid DR plan, you put your business and revenue at risk. Disasters happen. Each and every day to varyingdegrees.

  • International Data Corp. estimates that companies lose an average of $84,000 for every hour of downtime
  • 43% of companies that experience a major data loss do not reopen (DTI/Price WaterhouseCoopers)
  • 80% of companies that do not recover from a data loss within one month are likely to go out of business in the immediate future (Bernstein CrisisManagement)
  • 93% of companies that experience a data disaster are out of business within 5 years. (U.S Bureau of Labor) According to Strategic Research, the cost of downtime is estimated at close to $90,000 per hour

1. Network Elites DRaaS significantly reduces costs and increases productivity

  • Reduce costs and increase productivity with DR operations under the
    management of Network Elitesexperts.
  • Eliminate huge expenses associated with a second data center –hardware,
    space, power, and staff.
  • Budget predictable monthlyexpenses.

2. Network Elites DRaaS significantly reducescomplexity

  • Eliminate the manual coordination of hardware and virtualizationactivities.
  • Centralize management with all DR processes.
  • Deploy a DR solution with no configuration or hardwarechanges.
  • Test and/or customize your DR plan asneeded.

3. Network Elites DRaaS improves service levels

  • Restore quickly with aggressive SLOs with recovery point objectives (RPO) up
    to every 5-minutes and recovery time objectives (RTO) in just a few hours.
  • Scale applications and services easily to meet changing business and technical
  • Update your DR policies any time the production environment changes with
    Network Elites assistance, ensuring continued SLA support.

Network Elites DRaaS offers flexible deployment options

On-Premise to Network Elites Cloud:
Protect your on-premise environment with replication and automated fail over to Network Elites.

Cloud to Cloud:
Run your applications in the Network Elites cloud with replication across our geographically diverse datacenters.

The DRaaS service enables managed replication, testing and fail over of virtual data center environments comprehensive of the customer data and virtual machines. The service includes Net Manage managed services to build, run, maintain and support the virtual data center replication.

Network Elites DRaaS service details

Virtual Machine Replication Network Elites’ Zerto-based solution replaces array based replication and offers continuous data replication solution to achieve highly frequent Restore Point Objectives (RPO) and highly efficient virtual machine restore times.

Recovery Compute/Storage Dedicated virtual resource pool using Network Elites’ standard IaaS service provides continuous availability for the fastest response times. The reserved resource pool provides an active vDC with preconfigured networking equipment, NetTend monitoring appliance and a pool of standby compute resources.

Service Monitors Network Elites offers standard monitoring and reports for each environment available through the Network Elites portal. Network Elites offers additional monitoring for IT operations which may not be directly visible to customers

RunBook The Network Elites RunBook evaluates all the necessary components of the DR plan, including information inside and outside the managed service scope. The RunBook includes all steps from how to define/declare a disaster to the validation steps for a successful boot up.

Service Audit & Test Network Elites offers periodic audit and testing of the DR solution to ensure service readiness and quality. Clients may choose the frequency of the testing; the recommendation is to test on a biannual basis.

Recovery Services As part of the DRaaS service, Network Elites will assist with site failover upon declaration of the customer. The service team will initiate the virtual machine failover operations, monitor the activity and validate the failover and accessibility of the virtual machines.

Network Elites Service Portals Through service portals, customers access unique and secure views of their environment including VM replication services, virtual data center resources, monitoring alerts, logs and reporting, and service tickets.


Network ElitesDRaaS service level objectives

Restore Point Objective (RPO)
The service will replicate at 5-minutes intervals and will retain 24-hour’s worth of recovery points. Recovery point retention may be increased, keeping in mind the replication interval may impact the storage requirements.

Restore Time Objective (RTO)
Network Elites will provide a 4-hour or less restore time for up to 50 servers. Additional servers may require additional time. Restore time is measured from client declaration of disaster to Network Elites validating the VM is accessible over the Network Elites-provided network components.

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