Disaster Recovery

Regardless of size, no business is immune from disaster, man-made, or natural disasters. These unexpected events come in many forms with or without warning caused by the natural phenomenon, such as heavy rain, hurricanes, tornadoes, landslides, fires, earthquakes, or extreme temperatures. The results from these events are devastating to businesses and personal property, and each business owner must think about the health of their business after a catastrophe. Disaster Recovery is no longer a nice-to-have option it is now need-to-have for every business and for every operational Network.  Disaster Recovery infrastructure and its maintenance can be very costly and requires a number of resources to be dedicated with very specialized skills. These factors deter businesses to invest in these need-to-have options, and we offer just the services required to protect your assets after the disaster.

NetworkElites offer DRaaS aka Disaster Recovery as a Service, which has evolved in recent years to create a cost-effective data protection solution. This service provides a guaranteed non-stop availability of your infrastructure along with asset protection when unexpected events come knocking at your door. It provides

  • Ability to recover quickly from the disaster event
  • Eliminate the liability of lost data
  • Avoid Risks and penalty
  • Stop gambling with disruptions due to  lack of geo-diversity
  • Consolidate disparate providers d gain scalability
Flood Damage
Wild fires disaster recovery
Flooding a Disaster Recovery
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