What Is Frag Attack Vulnerability And How To Protect Your Company From It

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Wi-Fi networks and technologies enable your business to compete in today’s competitive market. Unfortunately, these invaluable Wi-Fi technologies contain built-in design flaws. 

Emerging threats called fragmentation and aggregation attacks take advantage of these implementation flaws.

As part of our mission at Network Elites, we protect our clients from frag attack vulnerability and other emerging cyber threats. Our skilled network security experts take the weight off your shoulders, and their efforts allow you to focus on your core business. Our services, including IT consulting in Plano, TX, and other areas, give you instant access to your own dedicated network management team.

What Is A Frag Attack?

Frag attack vulnerability stems from an old Wi-Fi design feature.

Wi-Fi systems must process large amounts of data quickly and with low latency. Fragmentation is an information transmission technology that contributes to efficient data speeds. Fragmentation splits data transmissions into discrete packets of information that it later reassembles.

Unfortunately, this efficient fragmentation process also allows bad actors to interfere with Wi-Fi data traffic. A Belgian researcher identified 12 security factors that give hackers access to data packet intrusions. A sampling of these Wi-Fi weaknesses includes:

  • CVE-2020-24586: After network reconnection clear memory data fragments.
  • CVE-2020-26145: Accept secondary plaintext broadcast fragments and process them with full-frame privileges.
  • CVE-2020-26140: Process plaintext frames in secured Wi-Fi networks.
  • CVE-2020-26143: Process plaintext and fragmented frames in secured Wi-Fi networks.

The researcher identified eight other security weaknesses that are unique to Wi-Fi technology. He stated that, under the right circumstances, Wi-Fi systems might incorrectly combine information packages from different sources. These implementation flaws open the door to potential security breaches.

Possible Frag Attack Dangers

Wi-Fi fragmentation attacks target your network in two main ways.

First, unwanted intruders tap into secured or unsecured Wi-Fi networks. They observe the traffic and siphon information in the form of data packets. These cybercriminals then use this information in various nefarious ways.

For example, cybercriminals may use stolen network data to create fake servers that mimic real websites. Innocent individuals who use the compromised network may access these fake websites and input valuable personal information.

Second, digital attackers use plain text frame messages to access Wi-Fi networks. They use these frames as digital handshakes that create connections between servers and client devices.

In both cases, digital attackers may inject compromised packages with malicious code into access points, devices, and other network components. A fragment cache attack is an example of this approach.

Fragment Cache Attack

Digital intruders use insidious fragment cache attacks to gain access to otherwise secure computer networks. This frag attack vulnerability often targets Wi-Fi hotspots and similar access points. Fragment cache attackers target routers and related devices because they often contain data from multiple users.

Due to the built-in design factors, many routers and hotspots save some data from interactions with users. They receive this data in the form of data packets from various client devices. Some of the packets from these clients remain undeleted in memory after the user finishes the session.

These undeleted and disassembled packets can remain in memory for some time. When the hardware device connects to a different network, some packaged data is still available. If a package contains malicious data, it can inject itself into other users and network devices.

Malicious packets can then extract valuable personal or business data from infected devices.

Infected packets can also lay somewhat dormant on user devices. In such a case, these packages can transport themselves from user devices onto other networks. This subtle technique gives digital attackers a dangerous way to access well-secured networks.

Defending Your Network From Frag Attacks

Effectively defending your company’s Wi-Fi network from frag attacks is easier said than done. Many of the above-mentioned attack strategies can target Internet of Things (IoT) devices. These devices include items as simple as smart bulbs or as complex as smart homes.

Any device that doesn’t have the correct security patching or native shielding is vulnerable to these insidious exploits. Thus, these types of frag attacks are difficult to stop. Nevertheless, you can use various techniques to protect your business interests from frag attack vulnerability.

Logs for firmware

Manufacturers of routers, hot spots, and related network technologies are taking steps to protect these devices from frag attacks. As manufacturers make these changes, the devices in question maintain firmware logs that detail the upgrades. This feature allows you to look up the firmware logs that your device vendors regularly issue.

These logs will let you know if these devices include protection against fragmentation attacks.

Security patches

Network device manufacturers also create periodic security patches for their devices. Researchers constantly scan the software that governs these devices for bugs and security holes. When the researchers find such vulnerabilities, they create patches to correct the problems.

As they create security patches, manufacturers provide customers with information about how to access these security features. Therefore, ensure that you and your staff members keep an eye out for security patch notifications.

Update your devices on schedule

Older devices are more susceptible to frag attacks than newer ones because they often use obsolete firmware and software that cannot resist such attacks. In addition, many software manufacturers phase out support for their products after several years.

You can avoid poor outcomes if you use up-to-date devices and software.

Use an IT support company

Cybercriminals are at work 24/7, which means protecting your company from various threats is a full-time job. In addition, even as security experts create new solutions, fresh challenges emerge. As a result, it is challenging for business owners to keep an eye on current and emerging digital threats, let alone take the steps necessary to protect their companies.

We Can Help Protect Your Business

IT support companies offer a quick and effective solution. At Network Elites, we employ highly qualified and experienced security experts knowledgeable about digital threats. Moreover, we work with vendors to ensure that they protect all network devices against current threats. At Network Elites, we protect your business from frag attack vulnerability and other dangers. For your convenience, follow the link to learn more about common IT issues and how to overcome them. Call us now at 214-247-6962 for immediate service.

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