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hosted exchange vs office 365

If you have considered switching your business email hosting service in recent years, you have likely debated primarily between Microsoft Office 365 and Hosted Exchange.

The two Microsoft platforms are among the most popular email clients for large and small businesses alike. But why do so many businesses pick between one of these two email servers?

These two email clients have similar features and benefits. Both Microsoft Office 365 and Hosted Exchange are highly reliable, flexible, and high-capacity cloud-based email solutions. But one of them usually ends up as the go-to email client for a company.

However, even though there aren’t many key differences between the Microsoft email applications, a few specific features in each make the Hosted Exchange vs Office 365 email system debate worthwhile.

Benefits Of The Office 365 Server

The Microsoft Office Suite has many productivity tools that benefit business organizations. One of their most popular features is Office 365’s business email capabilities.

Using the latest version of Office 365 has many benefits that might make it the perfect Microsoft tool for your business needs over Hosted Exchange.

Cost effective

In addition to email, Microsoft Office 365 comes with many office applications and services that a business could benefit from, all at minimal additional costs. 

Applications like Skype, Excel, SharePoint Online, and Outlook PC version are all considered the gold standard for their specific type of business productivity tool. Users in an office setting can benefit from having access to these collaboration tools and Office 365’s high-quality email service.

High security

When some users think about cloud solution email, they get scared off. However, the Outlook client is considered one of the most secure email solutions a company can use.

Office 365 offers both FISMA and HIPAA credentials to its user base, making it the only platform of its kind to do so. In addition, the service also includes frequent security updates and encryption policies to prevent unauthorized access to your files.

Businesses prioritizing security tend to address their on-premises server needs with an option removed from the cloud. But with those two major credentials and EU Safe Harbor Compliant and SSAE 16 safety certifications, Microsoft 365 is one of the most unbreakable services available.

Effective disaster prevention

In addition to its vast array of security features, Office 365 offers users many cloud-based tools to prevent data loss. For example, Office 365 has a data loss prevention policy that automatically detects and protects sensitive information. The platform can provide warnings before any essential files are shared and block sharing and specific access to those files altogether.

Additionally, Office 365 uses the cloud to its advantage in its services. If something went wrong with a company’s IT and premise-end users could not access their data, they can still salvage it quickly with Office 365’s reliable cloud backup capability.

Benefits Of The Microsoft Exchange Server

The Hosted Exchange server is a standard go-to for companies considering email migration.

Despite the cost-effectiveness and security benefits of Office 365, there are many things it doesn’t include that Microsoft Exchange online and the other various exchange server platform versions do. Because of the Exchange server’s nearly unlimited storage and high reliability, many things get businesses hotly debating Hosted Exchange vs. Office 365.

Complete hardware control

Relative to Office 365, Hosted Exchange shines in its ability to offer complete control over system configuration and critical system changes. 

The Exchange server allows you to control when you download updates and which ones you download. On the other hand, Office 365 performs maintenance and updates automatically. Some companies might prefer their technology to have the same build as other businesses. However, having that level of hardware control means you or your IT company can upgrade your server whenever or however you see fit.

High storage capacity

The Hosted Exchange server offers one of the highest storage capacities of any big-name email system. More specifically, Exchange offers double the storage size of Office 365.

While the mailbox storage capacity of Office 365 is likely sufficient for small businesses at 50 gigabytes, the Hosted Exchange server is perfect for larger companies with 100 gigabytes of mailbox storage available. 

100% service level agreement

The Hosted Exchange server is one of the most reliable email options available for businesses. Exchange offers its clients a service level of 100% according to the company’s service level agreement, meaning Hosted Exchange is committed to its service functioning properly whenever the client needs it.

Final Verdict: Hosted Exchange vs Office 365

Office 365 vs. Hosted Exchange is a debate that still continues between businesses looking to change management of their email provider. Despite the advantages and downsides to both platforms separating the two, there is no clear answer about which one is better — it all depends on your company’s needs.

Whichever email service you choose to commit to should come down to personal preference and business needs more than anything else. If you want something that you can always count on that offers the flexibility to shift between previous Exchange versions, Hosted Exchange is the solution for you. But if you want a secure, accessible option that will bring you more bang for your buck, Office 365 is likely the way to go. 

Even with their subtle differences and minor disadvantages, Office 365 and Hosted Exchange are clients with a high market share for a reason. Both platforms are reliable and more flexible than other options. The one you select will come down to your individual company’s needs.

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