Technology Impact on Property Management

With 2021 just over the horizon, property management is going in different and new directions. Keeping up with trends may be burdensome, but there are things that can help guide a property manager or a property management firm to success.

Customer management solution –  A property management software is actually multi-faceted, as it incorporates different solutions that are commonly seen as standalone or included in more likely software packages. Take for example customer management. This process entails the overseeing of customer information as well as building relationships with them.

Analytics – An essential aspect of property management, as it provides property managers and owners insights. With those insights, they can optimize and improve their services and make sure that tenants experience only the height of comfort.

Automation – In the field of property management, this can be applied to document management, contract management, and portfolio management. You can configure workflows for those processes and ensure that everyone in your organization adheres to best practices. That is because the workflows in the platform are pre-configured for those, thus your team members can follow them with ease.

IoT sensors – Internet of Things, or IoT for short, is a network of interconnected devices such as occupancy sensors, room temperature monitors, and even consumer devices like smart refrigerators and smart ovens.

Responsible property management – An online rental property manager has numerous responsibilities, from the daily mundane tasks to the critical seasonal and ad hoc ones. Taking care of all of them would be difficult, if not for property management applications. These integrate innovative technologies that change the way property administration is done–shorter waiting times for both the manager and clients, better market predictions, accurate numbers, and no more paper-pushing. As a result, managers can take care of their core responsibilities that include tenant screening, rent setting and collection, property maintenance, and budgeting.

We at Network Elites can help your business achieve your goals in these times of change. We are prepared to take you through this journey and provide you an operational infrastructure that can need your business goals, make your staff productive, and impress your customers through technology innovations

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How Technology is changing Property Management

Moving to Cloud

Every document, interaction, text message, request, rent payment, employee manual, etc., sit in the cloud and can be referenced by anyone in the company with a click of a button.

Data Has gone Digital

Huge and expensive office spaces use to hold physical files have been substituted by all the information on properties, maintenance, and tenants that’s now available in the palm of your hand.

Rental Information Flow

Rental information used to sit mostly in the memory of local investors and property managers. Now, you can find a decent rental estimate using different websites as data points.

Technology is Completely Overhauling Property Management

There’s no question, technology has disrupted just about every industry over the past decade. Technology has changed the way we conducted our business, property management industry has benefited from the various advancement in many ways. We at Network Elites offer and support many solutions for the industry and here are some of the benefits observed from our solutions

Work Everywhere

  1. Access your data anywhere there is an internet connection.
  2. No software to install – software runs on a standard browser.
  3. No need to buy or maintain servers.
  4. Always running the latest version of the software.
  5. Data is backed up automatically.

Easy to Use

  1. Our Solutions are intuitive and require minimal training.
  2. Everything you need to know about your property is in one place.
  3. Alerts for expiring leases keep you in control.
  4. Support for Section 8 and other subsidy programs.
  5. Paperless documents eliminate headaches and put everything at your fingertips.

Paperless transactions

  1. Online archive any document or image.
  2. Eliminates your filing cabinets at the office
  3. Retrieve documents easily and quickly with a click
  4. Eliminate the costs associated with lost or misfiled documents.
  5. Automatic disaster protection
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