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Initialization and Approach



This is the initial stage of managed it support where discussion and investigation of the customers current state of IT, as well as IT Services Inadequacies, and Services Needed takes place. In this case, we are especially careful during assessment and go above and beyond to cover every aspect.



In addition, mapping of all internal IT assets, surrounding systems, and relevant business process related to IT.



Furthermore, the true view of services & solutions required to meet business needs adequately and projectively. For this reason, our experts leave no stone upturned to provide a robust and unbiased opinion.


We strive to make a smart transfer, knowing all we can, as well as handling your digital property and needs with care.

Gap Exposure Analysis

Determine and negate any risk of downtime during transfer of services


Initial discovery to internal documentation platforms

Internal Operational Assignment

Client Contact Routing

Services including Email, Phone numbers, and Ticketing access given to client for all support issue reporting

Internal help desk initialization

Moreover, we deploy Internal team awareness training of new client people, assets and procedures

Assignment & Escalation

Furthermore, we prioritize to Review criticality of device and function for internal support routing

Operational Run Process

Client Systems Loaded

In the meantime, client systems are loaded into Remote monitoring and management systems.

NOC Awareness

Another key point is 24x7x365 Network Operations and Security Center awareness of assets and upkeep

Real-time Visibility

Client Visibility

Real-time Reporting and Visibility into client systems because of our state of the art managed IT support

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