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If your company does not currently use cloud-based databases and IT infrastructure, you are missing out on the simplicity, productivity, and efficiency that come with using cloud apps for web. Thankfully, you can easily migrate your existing SQL Server databases, virtual desktop infrastructure, on-premises databases, and servers to the cloud with our Azure migration services.

At Network Elites, we utilize industry-standard Azure Migrate and Azure Database Migration Service tools to migrate data and networks to the cloud. We also use a unique and systematic approach to ensure the most efficient, accurate, seamless Azure data transfer possible for your company.

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In addition to best-in-class service at affordable rates, our services are scalable, secure, and accessible. Our team works hard to provide the best IT managed services in Texas by helping you monitor threats and implement modern technologies.

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What Is Azure?

Azure is the Microsoft 2022 cloud platform that includes over 200 products and services to streamline your business’s productivity and workflow.

Azure makes it easy to migrate your company’s existing servers, databases, virtual desktops, data, and web apps to Azure without risking data loss or taking up too much of your company’s time. However, combining Microsoft’s migration tools and guidance from our expert server migration team can ensure the easiest possible migration to Azure.
Using Azure, you can:
Many of the most successful Fortune 500 companies use Azure to integrate their databases, servers, and workloads into the cloud. When you work with Network Elites, you can seamlessly transition your existing infrastructure and workloads to Azure to improve efficiency, productivity, collaboration, and more.
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using the cloud on local devices
During the migration process, we can use the Azure portal to track progress and keep you in the loop about your discovery, assessment, and migration phases. This Azure portal lets us make smarter migration decisions by viewing intuitive insights from Microsoft 2022.
Altogether, Azure Migrate allows us to streamline your transition from any on-premises or cloud-based servers to the Microsoft Azure interface.

Azure Migrate

Azure Migrate is the Microsoft-based program we use to facilitate on-premises migration to Azure. This program allows us to discover, assess, right-size, and migrate on-premises virtual machines (VMs) to Azure with absolutely no data loss, minimal downtime, and seamless integration.
Azure Migrate includes a comprehensive toolset that makes Azure server migration a breeze. This tool offers support for key migration workloads, including:

Using Azure, you can:

Additionally, we can utilize Azure Migrate to migrate server web apps and data sets to a range of destinations, such as:

Azure Database Migration Service

At Network Elites, we use the Azure Database Migration Service tool within Azure Migrate to streamline and automate your database migration to Azure. This fully managed service allows us to quickly and easily migrate your data, objects, and schema from several sources to the cloud.
The Azure Database Migration Service tool provides the following benefits in your database migration process:
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Near-zero downtime: Using Azure migration tools allows us to transfer your database and migrate SQL server integration with almost no downtime. As a result, your company can continue with regular daily operations without forfeiting productivity.
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Automated database migration: The Azure Database Migration Service allows us to automate your migration to the cloud using PowerShell. This tool can automatically migrate several SQL or open-source databases to Azure.
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Two-step migration: Using the Azure Migrate program along with the Azure Database Migration Service integrated tools allows us to simplify the process of moving to Azure. First, we’ll use Azure Migrate to assess your migration readiness. Then we’ll use Azure Database Migration Service to transfer your on-premises databases to Azure.

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Security and governance: The Azure Database Migration Service allows you to feel confident in your data security and privacy. Microsoft 2022 continually updates its security processes to ensure the highest level of protection for its customers.

Our Process

When you work with our Network Elites team to migrate your infrastructure to the Azure cloud-based management system, we’ll follow this reliable process:
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1. Prioritize assessments

Our first step to simplify on-premises database migration is to assess your data centers comprehensively. We use a specialized toolset to create a detailed inventory of your applications, infrastructure, and databases, allowing us to discover and assess your needs.

Our initial assessments will also allow us to create detailed cost projections for migrating to Azure and running your databases in the cloud-computing software. Using Azure Database Migration Service, we can produce significant cost savings compared to traditional up-front data storage.

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2. Anticipate complexities

The second stage of your cloud migration and modernization is anticipating potential complexities and preventing them.

Migrating your on-premises infrastructure to the cloud is a somewhat complicated task. However, at Network Elites, we work hard to anticipate any complexities that may arise, allowing us to simplify and accelerate your Azure migration process.

Our clients commonly experience complexities with the foundational architecture of their cloud deployments or the organizational alignment for the migration. As a result, before we begin your Azure migrate process, we will create a thorough cloud adoption plan and ensure that your business has the correct procedures in place to optimize the transition.

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3. Execute iteratively

Finally, we will be ready to begin migrating your databases and workloads through an iterative approach. Our tried-and-true method has produced successful results for companies of all sizes, allowing you to feel confident in our practices as well. In the past, we’ve successfully migrated:

• Windows Server
• Linux Server
• SQL Server
• .Net and .PHP-based web applications
• Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI)
• And more

Our extensive experience allows us to provide reliable database migration service for every business client.

Unique & methodical approach

Our migration services

When you work with our Network Elites team to migrate your infrastructure to the Azure cloud-based management system, we’ll follow this reliable process:

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Hosted Exchange to Office 365 Migration

If your business currently uses Microsoft Exchange, we can help you transition your email, mailbox, files, data, and programs to the Office 365 cloud-based platform. Depending on your current Exchange servers, we can either perform a staged migration, hybrid multicloud migration, or cutover migration.

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SharePoint Migration

SharePoint is a cloud-based collaboration platform that is part of the Office 365 suite. If your company is looking to integrate Office 365 tools into your daily operations, our SharePoint migration services can help you create custom access for every member of your team, improving collaboration and productivity.

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Cloud-to-Cloud Migration

If your company already uses a cloud-based database, we can help you transition your files and infrastructure to Azure. Azure offers many benefits over other cloud-based data systems, and many companies have found transitioning from their existing database to Azure increases their productivity tenfold.

Our cloud-to-cloud migration services allow for seamless data transfer, reducing down-time and optimizing your migration experience.

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On-Premise to Cloud Migration

You can work with our IT consultants to migrate your on-premises digital assets to the cloud, allowing you and your team members to access your data, files, documents, spreadsheets, and databases from any device.
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Third-Party Mail Application to Office 365

If your business uses a third-party mail application, transitioning your mail to Outlook can increase email efficiency and improve your workflow. At Network Elites, we make the process of transferring your email data, including contacts, calendars, inboxes, sent mail, and all other data, to the Office 365 email suite.
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Microsoft Migration Support

We’ll provide ongoing solutions and support after your Azure Database Migration service, ensuring that you have all of the tools you need to utilize your new Azure app service to your company’s greatest advantage.

Additionally, when you combine our database migration service with our managed IT services, you can receive comprehensive support on all of your company’s IT concerns. We offer expert customized IT solutions, allowing us to tailor our services to our business’s unique needs.

When you work with our Network Elites team to migrate your infrastructure to the Azure cloud-based management system, we’ll follow this reliable process:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to a few frequently asked questions about Azure and Windows services.

Windows Server Migration is a set of tools that allows you to transfer server roles, operating system settings, and other data from the on-premises Windows Server to a cloud-based system. Windows Server Migration is at the heart of our on-premises migration to Azure.

Azure Virtual Machines (VMs) are scalable computing resources available through Azure Migrate. Many industries use VMs for tasks such as:

  • Development and testing: VMs can make creating a computer with specific configurations for your development and testing processes easy.
  • Cloud applications: Companies use VMs to run temporary applications in the cloud.
  • Datacenter extensions: You can also utilize VMs to connect to your business’s network and extend your data center, allowing for better visibility and control.

If your company currently uses VMs within your computing environment, you can utilize our Azure Migrate services to transition VMs to Azure seamlessly.

Azure SQL Managed Instance is a scalable cloud-based database and platform-as-a-service with powerful SQL server compatibility. Azure SQL Managed Instance allows businesses to migrate a significant number of apps from on-premises or self-built environments to a fully managed PaaS cloud environment.

There are several benefits to using SQL Managed Instance over SQL server on-premises. For instance, Azure SQL Managed Instance is always up-to-date in the cloud, allowing it to utilize new features that on-premises servers may no longer support.

If your business currently operates with a different SQL server, you can also use Azure Migrate to migrate SQL Server to Azure. We’ll handle all of the migration steps for you to create a stress- and hassle-free migration. After we Migrate SQL Server, you’ll be able to begin using your new cloud-based servers in no time.

API management is a service that allows businesses to publish APIs to developers, partners, and employees securely and at scale. With Azure, you can streamline your workflow within cloud and hybrid environments while benefiting from a unified location to manage your APIs

Azure can integrate seamlessly with our managed IT services. At Network Elites, we regularly use Azure to manage our customers’ IT solutions.

As Gold partners with Microsoft, we have extensive knowledge and skill surrounding the entire Microsoft ecosystem. We often find that we can perform our managed IT services more seamlessly when our clients utilize Azure data and workloads.

Azure Cognitive Search is a cloud-search service with AI capabilities. This service provides indexing and querying functions within the greater Azure cloud platform. With Azure Cognitive Search, you can scale search for app development and benefit from Microsoft’s extensive knowledge of natural language processing.

Azure and Office 365 both come from the same parent company, Microsoft. As a result, if you are looking to utilize Azure within your business processes, it makes sense to adopt the programs that come with Office 365. These business programs include:

  • Word
  • Excel
  • PowerPoint
  • SharePoint
  • Outlook
  • OneNote
  • OneDrive
  • And more

At Network Elites, we offer knowledgeable, comprehensive Office 365 support, helping your business gain the most benefits from your Office 365 suite. If you’re looking to begin Azure Migrate processes, you may want to integrate Office 365 at the same time to prevent downtime.

Azure Kubernetes Service (AK)S is a fully managed service that allows you to deploy and scale containers on managed Kubernetes. This platform offers serverless Kubernetes within an integrated experience, allowing you to scale and build applications in a unified space.

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