Migration Services

  • Extend your existing infrastructure
  • Deployment agility through connecting to Cloud
  • Use technology to leverage Cloud
  • Connect when you want to use your infrastructure

Migration Services

Prepare for tomorrow’s challenges today

When our customers migrate their existing IT infrastructure to Cloud, it improves their infrastructure security and provides agile massive scalability. The migration also provides an improvement in financial spending by move a traditional up-front capital expenditure to a flexible pay-as-you-go model. We at Network Elites provide that opportunity to our customers through our migration services.

We approach your migration to the cloud with a unique methodical manner

1. Prioritize assessments

Network Elites perform a comprehensive discovery of your datacenters or network using our toolset. This process creates an inventory of your on-premises infrastructure, databases, and applications which is the first step in generating right-sized and optimized cost projections for running your applications in the Cloud. Between your existing configuration management database (CMDB), Active Directory, management tools, and discovery tools, you have everything you need to make crucial migration decisions.

2. Anticipate and mitigate complexities

As Network Elites executes the migration to the cloud, there will be complexities associated with the migration strategy. These complexities may be related to the foundational architecture of your cloud deployments, or it will be about how your organization is aligned for change. Network Elites ensure that is your organization is prepared for the change in business processes, and IT environments based on a prioritized and agreed cloud adoption plan.  We find that customers who are moving quickly are those who have established clarity in ownership and requirements across stakeholders from security, networking, IT, and application teams.

3. Execute iteratively

Network Elites recommends a migration strategy that follows an iterative, workload-based, wave-oriented approach to migration. This approach produces more successful results. Network Elites has migrated Windows Server and Linux, SQL Server, and other databases, .NET and PHP-based web applications, Exchange, thrid party mail application, and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI).


We offer Migration

  • Hosted Exchange to Office 365 migration
  • Share Point Migration
  • Cloud to Cloud Migration
  • On-Premise to Cloud Migration
  • Third-Party mail application to Office 365