The suite of Office 365 apps is ideal for businesses looking to streamline communication, productivity, and workflow. These cloud-based apps allow users to collaborate across multiple devices, access their files from anywhere, create professional presentations, and stay connected with their teams.

At Network Elites, we have received Gold partnership certification from Microsoft, giving us the expertise to assist you in all of your Office 365 and Microsoft 365 needs. We’ll help you choose the right package for your business, administer your account, manage your licensing, and assist whenever issues arise.

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In addition to best-in-class service at affordable rates, our services are scalable, secure, and accessible. Our team works hard to provide the best IT managed services in Texas by helping you monitor threats and implement modern technologies.

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What Does Office 365 Include?

Many people only think of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint when they consider the apps included in Office and Microsoft 365. However, depending on your package, the Microsoft Office 365 suite can consist of all of the following apps:

Microsoft Word logo

Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is an app for word processing and document creation that rolls out a range of new features each year. Your business can benefit from advanced tools like mail merges, spelling and grammar tools, graphic design elements, and real-time collaboration and co-authoring. Unlock your team’s full potential with Office 365 consultants and elevate your document creation game.

Microsoft Outlook logo

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook for business allows you to stay connected and organized across all your devices. You can view your Outlook mail, calendar, and contacts in this unified app and streamline productivity with new feature updates, such as the Focused Inbox. Stay ahead of the curve and optimize your business communications with Office 365 consultants today.

Microsoft Teams logo

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a video conferencing and business communication app. This program supports real-time video conferencing, workspace chat, file storage, calendar syncing, and application integration for both desktop and mobile devices. The app has also recently replaced Skype for Business. Collaborate and connect like never before; let Office 365 consultants transform your team’s communication experience.


Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheets app that allows you to perform various data functions and visualize complicated figures. Excel includes basic to complex features such as pivot tables, graphing tools, data analysis, and calculations. Unleash the power of data with Office 365 consultants and make informed decisions for your business.


Microsoft OneNote

OneNote is the perfect app to capture quick notes, list to-dos, and keep you and your business organized. This digital note-taking app allows you to sync your thoughts across all your devices—PCs, Mac computers, and mobile devices alike. Organize your thoughts and ideas effectively with the guidance of Office 365 consultants.

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Microsoft PowerPoint icon

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft PowerPoint makes it easy to create professional presentations and share them with your team or other organizations. You can edit your PowerPoint projects online, collaborate with other users on a single PowerPoint presentation, and present virtually. Captivate your audience with impressive presentations; Office 365 consultants can show you how.

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Microsoft Access icon

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Access is a database management platform that you can use to store information for reports and analysis. This program is perfect for smaller businesses and individual users, as it is simpler to understand than a client-server database. Simplify database management and unlock insights with the expertise of Office 365 consultants.

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Microsoft Project icon

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Publisher is a publishing app similar to Word but with a greater emphasis on design and layout. If you’ve struggled to configure a Word document into the correct format in the past, you may find Publisher more user-friendly. Empower your designs and layouts with the support of Office 365 consultants for an unmatched publishing experience.

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blue cloud icon

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is a file-hosting platform that gives you the ability to sync and export documents, photos, Excel spreadsheets, and other files across devices and access them anywhere, anytime. Your business can use OneDrive to give all employees access to the same files and Excel sheets on their own devices, enhancing productivity. Elevate your file storage and sharing capabilities by partnering with Office 365 consultants.

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Microsoft Sharepoint icon

Microsoft SharePoint

The SharePoint app enables your team to seamlessly collaborate on projects and Word documents. This document management and storage platform offers a wide range of features and is highly configurable to suit your business’s needs. Transform your team’s collaboration and productivity with the expertise of Office 365 consultants.

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Benefits of Office 365

Incorporating the Office Online suite into your business’s workflow can provide numerous benefits, including:

Cloud Collaboration

You and your team can use the Microsoft Office 365 apps to collaborate on documents, presentations, Excel spreadsheets, and other projects from anywhere. Whether you use Microsoft Teams to communicate through videoconferencing or simply edit the same document from separate computers, Microsoft productivity software can enhance your teamwork.

Remote File Access

Rather than needing to sit down at your Windows or Mac computer to access PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, or your other favorite enterprise apps, you can use these apps from anywhere. You can also utilize Microsoft 365 apps for personal use and share access across family members.

Integrated Security & Privacy

Microsoft 365 includes impressive security, compliance, and privacy features to protect your data against unauthorized users. You can feel safe housing your essential business and customer information in these cloud-based apps.

Secure File Sharing

You can easily share files across Windows programs like PowerPoint, Word, Outlook, and Excel without worrying about those files falling into the wrong hands. Microsoft 365 uses secure parameters to prevent people external to your company from accessing your online data and reports.

Numerous Add-Ins

You can incorporate various add-ins into your Office 365 services to up your game. For example, you can combine Excel with Power BI to optimize data analysis or include the Email Recovery add-in to access lost emails.

Simple Accessibility and Interface

You don’t need to be an IT developer to utilize the Microsoft 365 services apps to your advantage. All of the Microsoft 365 apps include user-friendly navigation, simple accessibility, and numerous online tutorials to simplify your experience.

Why Purchase Office 365 Through Network Elites?

While you can purchase Microsoft 365 directly through Microsoft, there are several advantages to purchasing the software through our Network Elites team instead:

At Network Elites, we have received Gold certification through Microsoft, showcasing our expertise in all Microsoft software apps. If you ever need assistance navigating PowerPoint, Outlook, Word, Excel, or any other program in the Microsoft 365 enterprise suite, you can come to our team of Office 365 consultants for help.

Seeking support directly through the Microsoft website for a single issue can be slow-going and frustrating. Instead, when you work with our IT consultant and developer team, you can expect to receive fast, personal assistance whenever you need it.

Even better, combining your Windows apps with our managed IT consulting services can give you comprehensive support in all of your business’s day-to-day operations.

In the past, Windows users would need to install Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and other enterprise apps directly on their desktops. Today, however, these apps all come in the form of a software-as-a-service model. As a result, you can give our team remote management and administration of your apps without needing to install any updates for programs on your device.

When you purchase the Microsoft suite through our Network Elites service, you can receive up to a 10% discount on your purchase, depending on your specific package.

Microsoft Office logos

Our Microsoft Office 365 Packages

You can choose from one of the following Microsoft 365 packages for personal use, for you and your family members, or for your entire organization:

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