Our Cloud Services

Our Complete Cloud Care Services offerings caters to this demand to partners of any size and independent of volume business they bring. Here is how we have broken up our services to ensure that you only take up what you need based on the opportunity you find. We have both project-based service offerings and annuity based manages services options all laid out for you to choose.

What We Offer

When your IT infrastructure is outdated, your productivity and capabilities are hindered
ultimately affecting your bottom line.

Cloud POC

Steps we take for POC

  • Define – Collectively define goals, inputs, objectives, scope, and success criteria
  • Develop – Use cases for minimal but necessary functionalities within the POC scope
  • Engineer – Define solution steps for use cases and implement the POC solution build
  • Execute – Test design for use cases and define positive/negative test scenarios
  • Evaluate – Compare outcomes to success criteria in order to develop findings summary
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Cloud Connectivity

Looking for a secure way to extend your connectivity into Cloud? Here are some of the common connections

  • Site-to-Site is reserved for customers connecting their on-premises network to the cloud environment. Once connected to the Cloud, customer now has a hybrid network
  • Point-to-Site this allows a secure connect of an on-premises server to your Cloud environment. This provide a simple secure connectivity solution without expensive hardware.
  • Direct Connect is 802.1 VLAN based service where a customer is charged for the port and egress charge by the GB.
  • Express Route is a BGP based service where a customer is charged by the port speed and there are no egress charges
IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Cloud Infrastructure

Cloud infrastructure is the evolving and most modern infrastructure, where all hardware resources are virtual and can be shared across with different work loads. The term Cloud is used for infrastructure as it is not a single entity, and it doesn’t exist in one just place. Cloud infrastructure is a model of computing where servers, networks, storage, development tools, and even applications are enabled through the internet.

Key elements of a cloud computing environment

  • Internet Access
  • Measured Service.
  • On-Demand Self-Service
  • Shared Resource Pooling
  • Rapid Elasticity
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Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring is an essential component of deploying a Cloud Infrastructure. As all hardware is shared across workloads, it is imperative that we have an automated management techniques that confirms the availability and performance of websites, servers, applications, and other cloud infrastructure. Network Elites offers tools and monitors your Cloud for

  • Database
  • Website
  • Virtual network
  • Cloud storage
  • Virtual machine
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Cloud Management

Network Elites provides customers control and orchestration over the products in a cloud along with on-premises IT assets. Our Cloud Management solution provides administrative control over the infrastructure, platforms, applications, cloud provider and cloud service provider resources, that resides in the Cloud

Our Solution provides

  • Integration with existing Infrastructure
  • Orchestration of manual tasks
  • Visualize costs
  • It is accessible through the internet
  • Supports hybrid cloud and multi-cloud environments
  • Manage everything Cloud and On-Premises
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Cloud backup & DR

Backup is the process of making an extra copy (or multiple copies) of data. We back up data to protect it at multiple locations as you might need to restore backup data if you encounter an accidental deletion, database corruption, or other unforeseen issues. With Disaster recovery we do comprehensive planning and evaluate processes for quickly reestablishing access to applications, data, and IT resources after an outage.

DR requires the following steps

  • Comprehensive Planning
  • Consider the equipment required and underlying network
  • Balance the budget with expectation and Communicate
  • Awareness of Security
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Cloud Support

Network Elites bring a wide variety of technical knowledge of Cloud infrastructure as well as advanced analytical, troubleshooting and Cloud infrastructure design. As part of our managed services we offer:

  • Develop, maintain and support Cloud technical infrastructure, in private cloud, hybrid cloud or multi-cloud configurations
  • Perform installation, maintenance and support of Cloud infrastructure and user support
  • Configure, debug and support multiple infrastructure platforms
  • Perform high-level root-cause analysis for service interruption and create preventive measures
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