Proof Of Concept

  • Technology integration are time consuming
  • Quickly verify your solution concept
  • Visualize how the product will function
  • Determine your feature and product future

Proof Of Concept

Proof-of-concept is a very crucial step for some organizations entering into the world of Cloud for the first time. CIOs only sign off on migration projects only when it has been proven to work on a smaller, isolated subset. Our Cloud tech nology teams, works with ISVs and other providers to test out solutions on Cloud first with full support on the subset migration and implementation. On acceptance we help roll out the full project and also work with the providers to manage the environment ongoing.


  • Sample Segment Profiling Report
  • Data requirements Report
  • Infrastructure dependencies Report
  • Sample Segment Migration Plan
  • Security and Risk Assessment Report

Sizing & Effort

  • Network Topology Diagram
  • Migration – Efforts
  • Deployment and Testing
  • Validation and Documentation