Running Outdated Technology Is Bad for Business

We have been seeing a larger than usual volume of problems in the market lately from companies using old PC’s. Having the old mentality of “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Is a bad idea when running your own small business Generally, if you are running your business on a server or PC that is 5-10 years old, you are at a far greater risk of having business slowing performance and possibly a catastrophic IT event.

You see the thing is, these older systems have older software that is easier to be out of date, and on top of that, with every new round of patches that comes out for newer operating systems/server, hackers are basically given a list of vulnerabilities they can use against anyone using an out of date OS or server. The electronic parts internally are made of very thin metal and silicone which when heated, degrades and misshapes also causing performance and throughput issues of these devices.

I hear about customer endlessly complaining about their slow performing computer hardware only to learn they are running multi-million dollar a year business on computers that are 7, and EVEN 10 YEARS OLD! That is ridiculous! Are you one of these companies, spending hours on tech support calls with your MSP, not wanting to admit it is actually time to upgrade your computer hardware? If you read this blog, you just might be.