12 Privacy Best Practices For Secure Video Conferencing

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the use and efficacy of online platforms for educational and business purposes. Using these platforms is

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The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the use and efficacy of online platforms for educational and business purposes. Using these platforms is a great way to take advantage of modern technology and make business operations more convenient and efficient.

12 Ways To Secure Video Conferencing In Your Business

Cybersecurity is growing in importance with the prevalence of holding confidential business meetings through video conferencing. Participating in secure video conferencing practices is an excellent way to improve your business’s cybersecurity and ensure that essential information remains safe.

Hire Dallas’ most reliable IT consultant to evaluate and fortify your business’s cybersecurity practices. IT professionals offer comprehensive consulting services, from cybersecurity audits to software upgrades, giving you peace of mind in today’s crowded digital network.

Non-Technological Ways Of Ensuring Secure Video Conferencing

Not all cybersecurity methods are technological. You can take non-technological measures to avoid security failures during video conferences.

Employee attentiveness and vigilance

Training employees on cybersecurity is necessary for any business conducting online operations. Leveraging video conferencing tools allows employees to easily report incidents during online meetings, empowering them to hold one another accountable. Given the prevalence of video meetings, sharing privacy policies throughout the company as part of regular training creates cohesion and awareness among employees.

Avoid working on public internet networks

While public internet networks seem attractive because of their accessibility, requiring meeting participants to conference from a secure network is an easy way to improve cybersecurity significantly. Since most public networks offer less secure video conferencing software compatibility than their private counterparts, joining meetings from coffee shops or public workspaces may pose risks to cybersecurity.

Additional tools to secure video conferencing

Beyond non-technological measures, you can make various cybersecurity infrastructure changes to fortify your networks and business operations. Explore some of the network and video conferencing tools below that can strengthen cybersecurity measures.

End-to-end encryption

End-to-end encryption is the highest level of cybersecurity connection wherein only senders and recipients can access relevant information. Such a setup ensures that sharing crucial business information through an end-to-end encrypted Zoom channel comes with no risk of interception by hackers or other cyber information thieves.

Although end-to-end encryption is your best security option, only some video conferencing software is compatible with this type of connection. While choosing a video conferencing platform that supports end-to-end encryption is ideal, the most secure video conferencing is possible through standard encryption. 

Maintaining the ability to eject participants

While conducting meetings through video conferencing, maintaining control of the virtual room is essential. Even with solid cybersecurity measures, unwanted participants and hackers can enter calls. If this occurs, it’s crucial to be able to kick those participants out quickly.

Assign a trustworthy individual to maintain control of your business’s virtual meetings. The host should not be a passive role but rather someone who actively monitors the room’s activities and participants. That way, crucial leaders can focus on conducting the meeting.

Passwords, PINs, and two-factor authentication

Another step to protect the security of your video conference calls is to add barriers like passwords and two-factor authentication. Many video conferencing platforms will offer you the option to add a meeting passcode. Taking advantage of this feature promotes secure video conferencing.

Two-factor authentication provides even greater security by sending a verification code to participants’ phones to validate their identities. Protect your most confidential meetings and information with this measure.

Meeting rooms

Creating multiple meeting rooms allows you to organize stakeholders and accomplish more while offering significant security benefits. 

Additional rooms provide another barrier to accessible meeting entrance since it requires the host to sort participants into groups. Hackers and wrongdoers won’t easily access the most crucial discussions in your business.

Meeting locks

After everyone logs on, lock your meeting to prevent unwanted participants from entering. If you’re planning on screen-sharing documents or presentations with confidential information, lock your session first to avoid information leaks. 

It’s also worth considering that highly confidential information might not be suitable for video conferencing. While cybersecurity can improve outcomes, there’s never a guarantee. In-person meetings might be necessary for your most delicate topics.

Controlling participants’ audio

Another vital host duty is to control participants’ audio output. Should a hacker or unwanted participant get into your meeting, having the ability to eliminate the audio, can save your company embarrassment and frustration. Never relinquish host duties to an untrustworthy or temporary participant.

Keep systems and applications updated

Maintaining your cybersecurity systems and video conferencing application software is essential for fortifying your networks. When your applications or software providers suggest an update, take immediate advantage. Many updates include additional security features that make video conferencing safer.  

Add domain-based security measures

If your business can provide private internet, this ensures the highest level of network security. Therefore, operating on a private network should be a top priority for any business maintaining in-person operations. Creating a custom domain with a site-specific IP address gives you an optimal vantage point from which to monitor network activity.

Maintain strong cybersecurity policies

While cybersecurity policies are a new concept for many businesses, establishing clear guidelines, rules, and punishments for violations legitimizes your security measures. Businesses and corporations that integrate these policies into their company culture create a sense of integrity and responsibility among employees to uphold these values. Consider reviewing your company’s current cybersecurity policies to confirm whether they are comprehensive.

Hire Professional IT Consultants From Network Elites To Perform Cybersecurity Audits For Your Business

Enlisting cybersecurity audits from professional IT consultants like Network Elites is a great way to assess your system’s performance and protect your business from cyber-attacks. Like reviewing other parts of your business, audits allow professionals to test your cybersecurity infrastructure against hypothetical, high-level threats. These tests can provide insight into your system’s weak points and will enable you to improve your video conferencing security software.

Upgrading your cybersecurity is only a phone call away. For information on creating secure video conferencing in your business or to schedule a cybersecurity audit today, call (214) 247-6962 and hire Carrollton IT consultants from Network Elites today!

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