IT Security Services

Over the last few years, the IT security threat landscape has dramatically changed. Now attacks are been designed and the latest trend in ransomware attacks is alarming. Your internal IT security team can no longer keep up with today’s attacks and breaches as the attacks are getting more sophisticated and it is getting harder and harder to find additional IT Security experts.

Network Elites’ Security Services can solve this problem for you. Our IT Security Services will extend your security operations and give you the security experts, processes, and technology that you need to protect your network. As part of managed services, we offer integrated security solutions at every level of the network to combat a wide variety of attacks. We can advise you on how much security your network needs based on your business and transactions conducted.

Assessment Services for your Network

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Network and Risk Assessment

Our IT assessment tools have no agents, probes, or software to install on the target network. The small executable scan files run from a thumb drive plugged into any computer within the domain or automatically scheduled with our reporter automation. In most cases the scans complete in well under an hour, leaving no “traces” of assessment activity, no conflicts with other applications, no firewall issues, and nothing to remember to uninstall.

IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Vulnerability Testing

Beyond a router, which connects to the internal and external networks, the primary perimeter protection is firewall. Network Elites uses state-of-the-art Cisco products to protect the most critical point within the network. These components are capable to filter out any potentially dangerous or unknown traffic that may constitute a threat based on a set of rules.

IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Penetration Testing

Network Elites believes in integrated security solutions, which means that our managed services are based on security at every level along with a three-fold backup strategy. The backups start with onsite, offsite, and then within a cloud environment. The three-fold data protection strategy offers the best in class data protection needed for business continuity

Implement Enhanced Security

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Encryption Solutions

Encryption services are sometimes required by the regulations and often businesses implement these solutions to protect their data. HIPAA has increasingly required an encrypted format when patient-related information is exchanged. Our staff can advise you on the dataset that requires encryption whenever possible.

IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-factor authentication provides an added layer of security and presents a deterrent to cyber threats. If the credentials of a trusted user are stolen, MFA adds additional security. We encourage our customers to utilize MFA whenever possible, including on your network, email, banking websites, social media, and any other services your business uses.

IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Data Loss Prevention

DLP is about ensuring that your intellectual property conforms to best practices, compliance requirements, and policies so that it never leaves your organization. Network Elites will help you create policies designed to ensure that your organization is following industry standards proven to minimize challenges that plague many small to mid-sized businesses.

Protect your data – Business Continuity

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Mobile Device Security

Due to the technological advances, the security of mobile devices have become an essential vector. Cybercriminals are now attempting to steal data or access your network by way of employees’ mobile devices. Network Elites can enroll devices seamlessly and configure them to meet company standards and policies with a couple of clicks. Corporate Wi-Fi, certificates, VPN and business e-mail profiles resources.

IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Backup and Disaster Recovery

What if a fire, flood, earthquake, or hurricane destroyed your office or servers? Can you recover your most important asset, the data, in case of a theft? Can your business survive? Data loss is the biggest threat to your business. Let us help you answer these questions and bring you peace of mind. We offer disaster recovery as a service.

IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Computer Updates

Automatically keep desktops, laptops, servers, and remote users up-to-date with security patches and software updates. Save time and improve security with easy-to-use patch management software. Our tools provide an automated process to keep Microsoft, Adobe, and Java products updated for better security. Organizations can select daily or periodic updates based on their business needs.

Protect from Threats

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Advanced Endpoint Security

We protect your computers and data from malware, viruses, and cyberattacks with advanced endpoint security. Today’s latest technology protects against known threats and is capable to defend user machines against these threats.

IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Security Awareness Training

One of the best things you can do to harden security for your business is getting your staff educated in accidental risk and common security threats. We offer comprehensive training that will give your teams the knowledge to detect threats such as malware, ransomware, phishing, etc. so that you are even better protected against foreign threats.

IT Managed Services in Dallas Texas - Network Elites

Dark Web Research

The dark web is the small section of the internet that consists of websites that hide their IP addresses. They require special programs or technologies to access that will often hide the visitors’ IP addresses from the website as well. All dark websites are hosted through the darknet and nearly all traffic is encrypted. We provide a scanning service to look for your accounts in real-time.