Managed Security Solutions

Texas based Network Elites managed security services offers a portfolio of comprehensive network protection services which utilizes network auditing and monitoring tools as prevention against many different types of security threats throughout your IT environment.

Our security services are designed to cover:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Internal and external users
  • System based threats

We deploy our services individually or comprehensively depending on which service plan your company chooses to engage. Network Elites commits the appropriate IT resources to meet the level of service that you request to keep your business running smoothly.

Since a long list of managed security solutions and services are available, one of our first jobs is to help you select the right level of service for your business and to assist you to successfully navigate technology changes and help relieve your IT burdens to give you peace of mind.

Network Security Assessment

Evaluating your current business environment accurately is very important. We provide an absolutely Free Network Assessment of your network. This Free Assessment will cover the following security areas:

  • Is your data vulnerable to external hackers?
  • Are your systems “inoculated” from viruses and there consequences?
  • Do you have a convenient, automatic back-up system in place to ensure that you won’t lose data if something goes wrong?
  • Are your systems optimized to avoid crashes, data corruption or loss?
  • How well prepared are you for a disaster such as electrical outages, fire or flood?
  • How do you protect your data as employees come and go?
  • How do you ensure that only authorized people have access to confidential information?
  • Do your systems meet legal requirements regarding privacy?

After the Free Network Assessment is complete, we can provide you with our recommendations, and together we can customize a suite of solutions customized for your business.

Total System Security

Protect your data with both external and internal measures to prevent unauthorized access. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to searching for flaws in your security infrastructure. It takes a trained eye to see the small cracks that can lead to big security breaches, but Network Elites will isolate the vulnerabilities you may have overlooked. From spyware monitoring and virus scans to content filtering, firewall protection and general infrastructure management, we will create a comprehensive security system that protects your organizational data as well as sensitive customer information.

Virtual Private Networks

Along with network security and in order to be competitive, businesses have taken full advantages of Internet to cut costs and extend the corporate network to employees and key business partners. Enter Virtual Private Network (VPN). As partner to the most highly respected companies in the industry such as WatchGuard, Symantec, Hewlett-Packard and Microsoft, we at Network Elites are able to give total network security solutions to our customers by providing Firewalls and Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions.

Network Intrusion Prevention and Detection Service

We understand that network intrusion can have devastating consequences to your IT structure, so we utilize network intrusion prevention and detection to keep your network safe and secure. This comprehensive protection system locks out unauthorized users and goes beyond the industry standard of protection. We respond to security alerts, provide 24/7 monitoring and keep an expert eye on your network so you don’t have to.

Network Elites Compliance

Once your internal network is secure, it can be easy to overlook the threat that necessary external service providers may pose. Network Elites protects your data even as it passes through the hands of suppliers, service providers and other essential partners to your organization. Best of all, we make sure that your digital assets only pass through the hands of organizations that comply with PCI, GLBA, FFIEC, HIPAA, NERC CIP and other crucial industry regulations.

Vigilant Monitoring

Many security breaches are easily contained when caught early or, best of all, prevented entirely. However, most security issues become even bigger problems due to a lack of monitoring. When you place your security infrastructure in the hands of Network Elites, we provide continual log monitoring to spot and address suspicious activity before it has the chance to compromise your security.

Network Elites proactively monitors the following, where applicable:

  • Review OS Application log
  • Review OS DNS log.
  • Review OS Active Directory log.
  • Review OS Security log.
  • Review OS System log.
  • Review IIS WWW log(s).
  • Review IIS FTP log(s).
  • Review IIS NNTP log(s).
  • Review IIS SMTP log(s).
  • Review backup logs.
  • Review hardware errors and alerts. NetworkElites will forward hardware replacement recommendations to the customer.
  • Review email queues and routing
  • Review anti-virus software for current program engine and definition files.

Experienced Security Professionals Supporting Risk Management and Compliance

Risk management is an essential element of any organization’s success, but it is often overlooked in the IT sector. Network Elites offers expert analysis to help you optimize your secure infrastructure. From facilitating compliance with industry regulations to improving the day-to-day performance of your security system, we have the experience it takes to turn your IT department into an efficient security powerhouse.

Our Professional Services deliver:

  • Actionable information to improve your security
  • Clear, concise reports to demonstrate provable security
  • A team of experienced professionals to analyze your environment