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Network Elites offers several IT services as an MSP. These services are bundled in various MSP packages and a customer can customize the services that will best suit their network and their budget. All service packages contain 24X7 remote support along with 8X5 onsite support on an as-needed basis. Infrastructure security is one of our signature offerings, our security services are integrated within our offering, and we use a distributed security approach, which ensures that a security monitoring or threat prevention tool is installed at every level of the network. Alongside the tool, we monitor your network through our NOC and address any issues that might arise.

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Network Elites offer infrastructure for IT transitions through the cloud and on-premises solutions. For example, if a customer is transitioning from one backup application to another, we provide the temporary equipment during the transition to ensure that the migration of backups is completed without any interruptions to the customers. In this scenario, we could use cloud resources (based upon the use case) or install temporary hardware within your premises to complete the task. 

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