Globalization has revolutionized the managed services arena by offering a low-cost services model to the companies in thriving economies. However, the local companies within these geographies are as competitive as companies in India or China. Let’s consider the United States, there are thousands of managed services companies that are serving their customer base just as effectively as other global companies. They have several advantages in competing with global companies, such as the time zone and the language. The purpose here is to point out the benefit a company can draw if they do decide to adopt the managed services model. Often the companies don’t consider the managed service model until they ran into issues, why would someone try to address a problem while everything is running smoothly in the datacenter? But when a business owner starts to play the IT manager role, you know that things are not running smoothly. Managed Services are considered when companies have lost a key resource within their organization when projects are not delivered in time, when you start to fear the cyberattacks, and most recently the ransomware attacks. There are a number of trigger points to consider managed services, but these small managed IT services companies pack a punch of talent and have a number of resources with most modern IT knowledge and trends. These companies bring
1- Number of resources with most modern IT knowledge, a broad knowledge base
2- Number of resources that can resource your project promptly, scale big in a very short time interval
3- Provide better profitability to the company

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