virtual CIO / IT Consulting Services

As with any endeavor, to thrive in this modern, ultra-competitive business environment, your business needs a sound plan. Seeking an independent perspective to review that plan for technology gaps, cost-savings, and implementation challenges is a valued part of the trusted relationship that NetworkElites provides.

Having a NetworkElites vCIO is having the best of both worlds: the benefit of strategy level thinking based on wide-ranging IT experiences, combined with part-time resource utilization which greatly reduces cost. You don’t have to go it alone. You can reduce your risk of making mistakes by aligning with a proven leader in IT services – NetworkElites.

As a bonus, you realize the additional benefit of expedited action and technology adoption based on others who share similar goals and objectives. Win-win!

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Network Design & Support

As an unbiased observer, NetworkElites takes nothing for granted. Many companies are too relaxed about their data security because they don’t sense the danger in open USB ports, unencrypted data, unsecured firewalls, or lack of authentication methods. We worry about security threats from your own staff and from external intruders, and take preventative steps to ensure your network is secure so your business is not compromised. This is not done by casual observations, but by meticulous audits so that you can rest easy that your business, e-commerce, and customer information are secure.