What do We do?

Network Elites offers a range of support options that can help our customers with maintenance and operational aspects of their networks and computing infrastructure. Based on the level of managed IT support you have selected, the package may include one or more of the following services.

  • Onsite infrastructure setup – Setting up software and hardware at your company’s headquarters, instead of an in-house IT staff
  • Mobile networking – Allowing your team to connect via wireless devices from any location
  • Managed cloud infrastructure – Making it possible for colleagues to attend meetings and collaborate on projects on cloud-based company software portals
  • Remotely managed helpdesk – Allowing authorized personnel to remotely login into the company network from any location and provide support
  • Managed storage backup – Making it possible for staff to upload information and update assignments from anywhere with the protection of remote backup
  • Telephone Service Support – Provide tier 1 support for your VoIP phone as phone systems are now part of customer’s IT network

Helpdesk support

We provide helpdesk support to our customers with qualified support persons. Your call is never forwarded to another person, the person who answers the phone resolves the issue to your satisfaction,

Email support

Do not let any email support request unanswered, our NOC can help you with your on-premise, hosted, exchange, or Microsoft 365 email issues. We accept customer issues via email, just send us an email at [email protected]

Infrastructure monitoring

Network Elites monitors your systems through a number of monitoring and security tools. All or any anomaly is reported by the monitoring applications, and in most cases, the alerts in the system can open tickets automatically on your behalf.