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the top 10 cloud computing myths

Cloud computing is still a relatively new area of science. Its no surprise that many of the business owners of today dont know how cloud services could benefit them.

Its also no surprise that many myths about cloud computing exist, but were here to get these myths debunked and help get your understanding of the many clouds out there straight. In this article, well go through the top 10 cloud myths you might run into, as well as a short introduction about what cloud service is and how it works. 

What Is The Cloud? 

There is a common misconception around the term the cloud itself. We use it to refer to data, programs, and software that are stored somewhere else”—meaning not on your device (or property).

However, the cloud can take the form of data centers, infrastructure services, off-premises hosting, and many other digital platform solutions. The costs associated with the cloud also vary depending on the provider and one’s purpose for using it. 

In this guide, well approach the cloud from a business perspective. Hopefully, by debunking the following misconceptions about the cloud in this article, we can expand your understanding of the benefits, costs, and extended effects of the various clouds out there. 

10 Myths About Cloud Computing And Cloud Strategy 

If youve heard anything about the cloud in the past, the chances are that something youve been told has been a myth. However, its a bad idea to let any mythespecially these 10 common oneskeep you or your company from experiencing all the benefits that cloud strategy has to offer. 

The cloud is less secure

Many businesses today are reluctant to shift their full infrastructure and workloads to the cloud because its perceived as less secure than onsite data solutions. In reality, physical data storage solutions, such as servers and solid-state drives (SSDs), have just as many weaknesses as public cloud storage. While their weaknesses are different, no data solution is infallible.

Due to competition between cloud providers, the cloud is constantly evolving to become safer. Your cloud provider updates its protocols constantly to keep up with emerging threats and make sure its data center is as secure as possible.

While, on the other hand, physical data security is easier to maintain, it is by no means foolproof. After all, someone could walk into your server room, copy your data, and walk right out the door with it, especially if theyre an employee who can easily bypass security. 

Cloud migration is quick and easy

While cloud transitioning is easier than its ever been with the help of cloud strategy and cloud infrastructure providers, cloud migration is still neither quick nor easy.

The transition of employee workloads and systems (as well as compliance with the needs of management and the organization as a whole) must be done carefully to keep the business running properly before, during, and after the migration process. 

The cloud is killing IT jobs and organizations

As regular people become more familiar with the cloud, some have begun to assume that the accessibility of its technology is leading to a decline in the IT business sector. 

Others think that, once the cloud providers have deployed their solution and the receiving organization is given access, their role in the process is over. In truth, both of these misconceptions are anything but truethe relationship continues to be that of advisor and facilitator rather than provider and client. 

The cloud is always good

Believe it or not, as nice as the public cloud is, it is not good for every businessthis is just another myth. Some companies are small or simple enough, for example, that a cloud service model would be unnecessary.

Additionally, the cloud is not always necessary for emerging technology to be effective. Virtualization, for example, is a non-cloud technology that can be just as effective with certain systems. 

You only need one cloud

While small businesses and organizations may save money by sticking with one cloud provider, you need to have very few resources to succeed with this approach. Most of todays large businesses need a multi-cloud business strategy, potentially with multiple service providers, to remain on the cutting edge. 

Cloud computing is infallible

We mentioned that the cloud can be very secure in an earlier section, but its important to remember that this technology is not perfect, either. Public cloud security continues to improve all the time, but even cloud infrastructure has its weaknesses.

For example, as with physical data sources, cloud platforms are vulnerable to, invasion of premises risks, though most organizations take in-person security very seriously. 

The cloud is a one-and-done solution

If you think switching your business platform to the cloud is a one-and-done thing, youre in for an unpleasant surprise. As with physical infrastructure, cloud management is a shared responsibility between the customer and the infrastructure provider and, therefore, requires constant maintenance. Its more of a long-term relationship than a one-time transaction. 

A hybrid cloud is always cheaper

Some business professionals believe that the cost of a hybrid deployment—i.e., storing part of the business in the cloud and other parts on-premises—is less costly than full cloud deployment. While this is sometimes true, its not a given, as many businesses end up paying that extra cost in labor themselves. 

The cloud is all-or-nothing

On the other hand, some people believe that to be successful, their business must have complete cloud-based compliance (or none at all). This is also patently false. Depending on what services or products you offer, your company may benefit more from partial cloud-based compliance or slower, long-term growth management instead. 

The cloud runs itself

Unfortunately, many people think that, once an organization moves to the internet, security, organizational operations, and other services are handled exclusively by the service provider.

On the contrary, cloud access and deployment, especially from a security perspective, constitute a joint responsibility. While cloud deployment should increase security, efficiency, and profits (if done right), it takes just as much effort from both parties as an organization with in-person services.

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