Top 6 Cybersecurity Trends To Consider This Year


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top 6 cybersecurity trends to consider this year

Data breaches have been increasing in recent years. Hackers are breaking records year after year for cyber attacks, especially in the last two years, with few signs of slowing down. Businesses of all sizes should be considering these cybersecurity trends to improve the protection of their valuable work.

Professionally managed security services defend businesses from harmful hacking, provide innovative security solutions, and assist in recovering data in the event of a breach. Protect your business with managed security and IT services in Dallas by Network Elites.

Increasing regulations and government interest in cybersecurity

After numerous attacks on infrastructure and widespread misinformation, cybersecurity risks are becoming a significant concern of the government. Industry leaders and government officials will be looking to prioritize and regulate the protection of high-value assets.

Predictions for 2022 cyber security trends include more federal and state laws concerning security and privacy across the nation. Government institutions will provide an example for private organizations to follow. Increases in security regulations will also encourage more vigorous enforcement efforts over time.

It will be critical for every company to ensure their cyber security efforts are reliable and attractive for their consumers. Businesses that lag in their security protocols may see losses as people seek more secure services. Monitor developing security laws to keep up with these cybersecurity trends.

Promotion of employee security awareness

Thanks to the growing internet of things (IoT), including smart home devices, individuals may be too trusting of their current online security both at home and in the workplace. Some employees might not consider a USB drive or an interesting link in an email to be a threat to workplace security.

Businesses should be promoting security awareness to their employees to prevent access points from being opened by unwary workers. Creating a culture of awareness and improving training to address hybridized workplaces and remote working will help prevent future attacks on each type of business.

The modern approach to enhancing employee awareness is to use easily relatable images and messages similar to those on social media. This approach uses small pieces of information that are easier for individuals to digest and remember, and creates content much like that which employees already consume on a daily basis.

If you already have an awareness program, consider expanding it to include remote and hybrid workers. Your security team should also be readily available to communicate and build relationships with your employees to promote a strong culture of awareness and tighten your level of protection.

Ransomware in supply chains

Supply chains are particularly vulnerable to hacking, as attackers can use a single point of entry to access massive chunks of valuable information. The current approach to preventing supply chain attacks is detecting and responding after a breach occurs. This approach can be costly and detrimental to your business.

Soon, businesses will be shifting to preventing and protecting the potential weak spots in their supply chains. Data modeling will highlight these weak points for examination and modification. Your business should consider this cybersecurity trend and initiate efforts to be proactive in protection.

Ransomware as a service commonly targets small to midsize businesses

You might think that hackers would only attack large corporations. This assumption isn’t valid. Small and midsize businesses aren’t invulnerable to cyber security issues just because they aren’t major players in their industries.

Small and mid-size businesses are often easier targets for attacks because large corporations can more easily keep up with advancing security systems. Hackers will also target an increasing number of small to midsize businesses to prevent drawing too much attention from government institutions and big businesses.

Take steps to protect your small or growing business by seeking affordable cybersecurity solutions from trusted providers. You can implement security awareness training and combine it with the valuable knowledge of a managed cybersecurity provider.

Improve coordination in cybersecurity/single source protection

Cyber attackers have no issues with working together to formulate more coordinated attacks. In many cases, where one threatening group fails, another group will pick up the slack to renew the attacks.

Cybersecurity trends set examples for hackers and businesses alike. Businesses should follow this example of coordination to stop attacks on their systems. Larger companies can provide protective tools and share the security talent pool with small businesses.

Consolidation of cyber security services will also become a primary focus in the security industry. Businesses of all sizes want to have a single source of protection to simplify their security efforts. Industry leaders predict that at least 30% of enterprises will pursue multi-point protection from a single provider by 2024.

With remote work on the rise, your cloud services will need more protection than ever before. Your remote and hybrid employees need to access the information you store in the cloud while still protecting the information from attacks. Protect your data cloud with a comprehensive service provider.

Some security providers anticipate these types of attacks and data leaks, but not all security firms are making cloud security a primary focus. Security industry leaders will prioritize cloud safety as more workplaces evolve to utilize online data storage.

Network Elites provides multi-faceted approaches to improving your IT and cyber security. Our security approach addresses a wide variety of security elements which include:

●        Encouraging employee vigilance through security training to minimize threats

●        Implementing strategic processes to prevent attacks and protect critical information

●        Using top-level programs to protect your entire business system

●        Testing vulnerability and simulating potential data penetration

●        Providing encryption solutions to conceal valuable private data

The Network Elites team has the necessary skills to improve the protection of your business. Our comprehensive security services support the safety of your infrastructure and prevent costly damages from malware, ransomware, and more.

Speak with the cybersecurity professionals in Dallas to better understand current cybersecurity trends and defend your business against cyberattacks. Call 214-247-6962 to learn more about hiring Network Elites to protect your business.

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