Top 9 Business Applications of Internet Of Things (IoT)


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top 9 business applications of internet of things iot

Modern technological advances are bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds. According to Statista, the number of internet-connected devices in 2020 was over 9 billion and will triple over the next decade. 

Despite the prevalence of internet of things technology, many people don’t know much about the tech. NetworkElites is here to discuss some of the most exciting internet of things applications of the modern day. 

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What Is The Internet Of Things (IoT)?

The “internet of things” (IoT) refers to networks of physical devices that connect to one another and the internet through a series of integrated software programs and sensors. IoT networks allow different objects to collect, analyze, and share data. Objects in the IoT range from kitchen appliances to heavy-duty factory machinery. 

IoT applications are becoming increasingly popular because they open novel avenues for data collection, monitoring, security, and device interconnectivity that streamline everything from daily life to large-scale business applications. IoT devices can share data to modify performance and create an integrated tech ecosystem.

IoT Applications

Seamless communication between network nodes has several invaluable applications in medicine, tech, home goods, and much more. 

Smart Homes

Home and building management represents one of the most popular uses of IoT devices. Smart devices in the home create an integrated ecosystem you can control from a single point. Homeowners can connect their lights, entertainment systems, security features, and more to a single network. 

In the commercial space, internet devices have found favor in energy management and security applications. Devices can monitor temperature conditions and modify HVAC performance to minimize energy consumption, while security cameras can manage public safety. 

Logistics & Supply Chains

Logistical planning for large companies involves coordinating activity between potentially hundreds of points in supply chains. IoT applications provide novel ways to manage shipping and suppliers. 

Low-power sensors, GPS technology, and sensor technologies at large provide a bird’s-eye-view of the supply chain process. Managers can more efficiently track resources and modify logistics in response to constraints. 

IoT devices can also manage delivery services. For instance, sensors can monitor package temperature and orientation and use past data to improve future delivery through more efficient times and routes. 

Environmental Monitoring 

Internet of things applications have developed a niche in environmental and agricultural management through sensors to detect air, soil, and water quality. Connected devices provide real-time updates about environmental conditions to further conservation and agricultural projects. 

These systems can also provide security by monitoring potential disasters, such as floods, tornados, and more. Moreover, companies may use these technologies to better meet environmental goals by monitoring emissions and planning for weather conditions. 

Traffic Management

Modern traffic systems rely on networks of cameras, sensors, parking meters, and more to share data and create a smoother travel experience. Traffic authorities can use IoT applications to monitor traffic lights, detect traffic jams, and adjust the brightness of street lights depending on light conditions. 

Additionally, IoT devices can interface with consumer-facing apps (when booking rideshare services, for instance) to transmit useful information about parking, traffic conditions, and more. 

Internet of things for manufacturing

IoT has several potential applications in manufacturing, mining, and industrial ventures. IoT devices can provide real-time data on equipment conditions and configurations, from fuel to calibration levels. 

IoT also has applications in warehouse and storage management. Climate-controlled units monitor temperature and humidity levels to preserve stored goods and manage customer transactions and checkouts. 

Moreover, IoT devices play a role in smart grid energy management for residential and commercial properties. Data from in-building sensors can detect energy levels and monitor feedback for optimal energy consumption while minimizing costs. 

Advertising & Marketing

Most internet of things applications have GPS connectivity, which provides several uses for advertising and marketing. Things like geofences can track customer locations to push notifications about sales and discounts in their area. Advertisers, too, can benefit from IoT wireless networks by marketing products to specific geographic regions. 

At the same time, advertisers can marshal IoT resources to find new ways to interact and provide a satisfactory customer experience, whether it’s through interactive ads or events. 


Cars are becoming increasingly complex with onboard diagnostic and computer systems. Most manufacturers have some kind of built-in monitoring system, but you can add to that system with a third-party IoT network for your car’s devices and components. 

For example, artificial intelligence IoT applications could allow you to control your car remotely, including doors, windows, radio, and more. Companies are further investigating IoT networks to create the first generation of genuinely self-driving cars. 


IoT has applications for managing and administering healthcare products and services. Clinical management devices can track all aspects of patient care to allow more responsive reactions to patient conditions, while asset management devices can assist with the procurement and delivery of medications. 

Additionally, IoT applications can monitor medical devices to ensure equipment condition, schedule repairs to prevent breakdowns, and help patients stick to care routines and manage conditions at home.  

Data Analytics

From a top-level perspective, IoT applications provide an essentially limitless amount of data for analytics. Businesses can glean insights by tracking patterns in big and small data to tailor operations for more revenue, and consulting agencies can use IoT data to generate new business insights. 

Elite IT Services

Internet of things applications have the potential to break down old barriers between the physical and digital to create truly integrated ecosystems for business, development, and recreation. One of the best features of IoT systems is that they are scalable, allowing consumers and businesses to adapt to virtually any information problem.

For all your information problems, NetworkElites provides managed IT services for businesses in all industries. If expert IT service is what you are looking for, we should be your first choice. 

Feel free to read our blog to get the latest on internet of things applications and learn more tips to improve network scalability. Contact us online or call today at (214) 247-6962 to discuss our IT service bundles.

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