Virtualization for Reliable, Secure Services

Virtualization makes your infrastructure simpler, more efficient and more reliable. Network Elites has virtualized servers, storage and desktops for many customers who want to:

    • Eliminate hardware
    • Reduce datacenter space
    • Cut power bills
    • Create high availability uptime
    • Better manage their IT assets

Knowing that failure is highly preventable, like the airlines we take special steps to ensure redundancy, backup systems, and failover migration where appropriate. We can help you make these assessments, and then implement the most cost-effective way to ensure business continuity.


Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

VDI offers a tantalizing new technology that eliminates physical hardware components and their associated costs. Our parent company, ClearCube Technology, is a leading VDI (Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure) and CDI (Centralized Desktop Infrastructure) supplier to commercial and federal accounts numbering in the thousands.

The security, space-savings, power-savings, and cost-reduction benefits offered by ClearCube blade PC, zero client, and SmartVDI products delivered by NetworkElites to our customers are numerous. You may be a perfect candidate to centralize your IT assets to reap the TCO rewards. An assessment to determine the viability of migrating to virtual desktops is straightforward and not time-consuming. If you are curious, satisfy your curiosity and call us to find out for sure what the pros and cons are for your particular business.


Datacenter Server Virtualization

Guiding Principle: Use server virtualization to duplicate resources and create failover capabilities at lower cost-without compromising on reliability.

At Network Elites, we create our infrastructures with the knowledge that failure is inevitable at some point in the future. Virtualization of servers can play a huge part in delivering high levels of reliability that today’s businesses require, often at a reduced cost and with a more simple architecture than with traditional methods. A key benefit to consider is that virtualization enables you to design one reliable system and apply it to many situations, regardless of the applications involved.

Virtualization is not a panacea for every problem, certainly. But in recent years, we have seen virtualization provide a boon to businesses who seek to minimize downtime, and be as effective as possible, while reducing costs.

Traditional disaster recovery and redundancy systems require complex clustering, and agent-based replication. If you implement this functionality in the virtualization stack, however, you don’t need to design and invest for each separate application. Instead, you can invest in those technologies once and reap the benefit for all virtualized applications. This simplifies operations greatly, reduces complexity, and minimizes costs.