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why cybersecurity training is critical for small businesses

Prepare your team for the worst with advanced online cybersecurity training courses hosted by experienced professionals in the cybersecurity industry. Security professionals know that ethical hacking makes up a small percentage of all internet activity. On a global scale, most hack attempts remain nefarious in nature. You need systems in place to protect your workforce and provide a significant degree of protection from hacking attempts that originate from around the world. 

If your organization lacks the knowledge and software to prevent data breach events, you may need a certified security professional to provide cybersecurity training and certification for your staff members. Raising your team’s awareness of the threat of website attacks and the testing programs they can implement to thwart them will go a long way towards the goal of providing a secure workplace.

Cybersecurity Training Should Be Apart Of Your Company’s Budget

Here are just some of the reasons it makes sense to pay for a cybersecurity training program. 

A cyberattack can bankrupt your business

Start-ups and established small businesses remain especially vulnerable to cyberattacks. A network security breach can expose trade secrets, reveal sensitive customer data, and lay bare important internal processes. This can lead to lost profits, customer loss, and expensive lawsuits, all of which can bankrupt your company in no time. 

Cybersecurity helps maintain production levels 

An information security breach can cripple your company. If a hacker makes it impossible for your staff to access their files, even temporarily, production grinds to a halt. Lost or corrupted documents and databases create additional work for your IT personnel and may require going back and performing the same time-consuming tasks that generated the files in the first place. 

A cyberattack can tarnish your company’s reputation 

Once the public becomes aware that your small business has suffered a data breach, customers, affiliates, and third-party collaborators may feel hesitant to work with you. The risk of getting targeted by the hacking community can easily outweigh any benefit of working with your company. If your business doesn’t demonstrate the security skills necessary to keep your sensitive information safe, other organizations might view working with your company as a major risk. 

Your private information has considerable value 

Even small businesses store a wealth of information related to their employees, customers, and other parties. Addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, bank account numbers, and credit card numbers represent high-priority targets for hackers. While your business may not access this data frequently, neglecting to protect it adequately can sink your entire business. 

Your small business represents an easy target 

The Department of Homeland Security works tirelessly to protect government agencies and large corporations from malicious cyber attacksBut, they can’t focus on monitoring threats to start-ups and small businesses. Novice and intermediate hackers search for low-hanging fruit on which they can cut their teeth. Small businesses serve as an easy mark. 

Investing in cybersecurity costs less than the alternatives 

Running afoul of federal and state cybersecurity regulations proves far more costly than full compliance. A significant data breach can lead to fines, lawsuits, loss of customers, and a tarnished reputation, whereas complying with laws laid out by government organizations only costs as much as the cybersecurity training program and implementing current best practices. 

Small businesses lack the resources to survive an attack 

While large corporations have the resources to purchase backup servers and other redundancies to mitigate the losses suffered after a cyberattack, most small businesses do not. If your small business experiences a particularly insidious breach, it could shut down all electronic processes indefinitely, causing a company-wide shutdown. 

Cybersecurity training helps protect sensitive cloud data 

The emergence of cloud computing has increased productivity and decreased costs for thousands of small businesses. However, it also created a whole new vulnerability. Cloud service providers that do not implement the proper protections are akin to a sitting duck. Cybersecurity training programs empower businesspeople to make the best possible decisions when choosing a cloud service for their companies. 

Employees don’t always behave as they should 

Even good employees make bad decisions. Some of these poor choices prove innocuous. Others can lead to expensive litigation or legal settlements. Proper cybersecurity can prevent employees from misusing company devices, which helps avoid workplace harassment cases and other violations of trust. 

Lack of cybersecurity measures can impede growth 

Small businesses need to attract competent, productive employees to expand. Any data breach that becomes public represents a black mark on your company that can scare off the best candidates. Cybersecurity training enables sustainable growth by maintaining your company’s reputation in the labor market. 

Cybersecurity training prepares your staff for the worst 

Investing in cybersecurity training for your personnel represents the best measure you can take to prevent losses sustained by a cyber attack. Through simulated hack attempts and situational exercises, your staff will learn the skills needed to respond. This can mitigate any damage that might otherwise occur. 

Even intelligent employees remain vulnerable to hacking 

Employees often represent the weakest link in your cybersecurity protocol. Even smart, savvy employees can fall victim to the latest nefarious tactics used by hackers. In general, hackers search for weak employees and target them for phishing attacks in an attempt to gain access to your company’s network. Cybersecurity training helps prevent this from happening. 

Cybersecurity training reduces complacency 

The majority of small business owners do not consider cyberattacks to constitute a viable threat. For this reason, start-ups and small, independently-owned companies represent easy pickings for experienced hackers. Cybersecurity courses illuminate the serious, constant threat posed to small businesses by ill-intentioned hackers who wish to compromise your sensitive data and monetize it on the dark web. 

Final Thoughts 

Requiring your future employment candidates to take a cybersecurity course before you welcome them onto the job site will ensure your network, software, and other systems remain secure. The hour’s candidates invest in cybersecurity training before taking a job demonstrates how much they want the positions. And, the advanced systems they learn about in a cybersecurity program provide a range of skills that will help protect your workforce from global hacking threats. 

If your small business lacks the proper cybersecurity infrastructure to prevent a cyberattack, click here or call the NetworkElites professionals at (972) 235-3114 or (214) 247-6962 for cybersecurity training and solutions.

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