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Network Elites?

Network Elites’ complete managed Information Technology services allow businesses to choose highly customizable solutions that suit their specific needs. Our technology services allow you to grow and manage your technology infrastructure without large initial cost expenditures while eliminating the hassle of managing a complex infrastructure yourself.

We Provide Greatest Overall Value

At Network Elites, we base our monthly service agreements on the concept of delivering the highest possible value for your monthly cost. That means you get the greatest service for the price you pay, period. We work with you to evaluate the specific needs of your business, how we will meet them, and openly share what your monthly cost will be to do so. That translates to is a fair price, top-of-the-line tech, exceptional service, and in the end, happy customers for the long term.

We are Quick to Respond

Network Elites is an established vendor with a larger, more experienced staff and a world-class toolset that can address a greater variety of issues in less time, using fewer resources. We can work more continuously, for a total of more hours over a shorter time frame. We have established and efficient methods to engage your staff when they contact support. All issues raised by the customers are fixed remotely, with the exception of hard to fix hardware issues, when you need access to BIOS.  We have documented SLA (service level agreement) which covers both initial responses and escalate time.

Proactive and Preventative Approach

At Network Elites, we take steps to solve your IT problems proactively and ensure there are preventative measures in place to keep them from happening again, where possible. Our service bundle has integrated network security at every level of the network, along with 24X7 networking monitoring through several tools, automated patching processes, updates for the operating systems, and applications. We provide strategic direction to our customers and build technology roadmaps based on customer requirements and business direction.

Delivering TRUE expertise

At Network Elites, our team members range from software experts to hardware technicians, business consultants, and cloud specialists, and our clients have access to everyone. Our processes will pick the correct skill set required for the issue and you can be confident that we are sending the most qualified person to handle your request. We use regular training and invest in our team to become certified in a specialized area and offer certification bonuses to keep our employee’s long term.

We are able to scale

We understand that the IT needs of small businesses can change dramatically throughout a year or even a single quarter or month. New projects or product deliverables can result in changing the technical direction or adopt newer technologies to deliver new products on time. At Network Elites, we are ready and able to modify your agreement based on your business requirements, add staff to address your growth in a timely and efficient manner. We work with companies of all sizes, and our team thoroughly understands how to address small business fluctuation seamlessly.

Help you understand the value of your IT

One of our essential duties is to help you understand the value we are providing through our services. That means establishing a way to regularly demonstrate the various initiatives we are working on to support the long-term success of your business.  We are the trust-worthy team that truly cares about your business and we are here to make the difference. Your growth results in our growth and together we create a partnership that is mutually beneficial.

Our Certifications

The IT industry is one of the most dynamic areas in the modern marketplace, which is constantly changing, ever-evolving, developing new norms among its users and vendors. Due to constant innovations in technology, keeping up with new product offerings is a full-time job, and it’s still guaranteed that some new development will pop up in the future, with IoT and AI machine learning technology are breaking new grounds.

The ever-changing landscape in IT is just one of the reasons why information technology certifications are becoming so important. These certifications attest that we always know the ins and outs of every framework, technology, and hardware system that our customers are using on a daily basis. As our team works hard towards these certifications it shows that our team is credible, dedicated, and competent. It demonstrates that we have invested time and money into improving the skillset of our team.

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