Backups and Disaster Recovery

Protect against loss & crisis

Keep your business running smoothly

From small, family-owned shops to large corporations, every business faces an existential threat: loss of data. With most business models working in a hybrid of onsite and remote capabilities, protecting your data is more critical today than ever. 

The answer to this data dilemma is backup and recovery. Backing up data is how you create an additional copy, either to onsite hardware or through a cloud structure. It is but one step in a full recovery system, the goal of which is to retrieve files, documents, and other pertinent information from your server before permanent loss occurs. 

At Network Elites, we offer a robust data protection backup and disaster recovery plan that we customize to our, clients’ needs to protect their most important assets. 

This all-important service is like insurance coverage for your data in case of any kind of emergency, such as power outages, security threats, or a natural disaster. We will keep your North Texas business running smoothly, even during a crisis. 

Why backup technology and disaster recover systems work

Perhaps you haven’t given much thought to your data protection. That’s okay since our team at Network Elites will take care of backups for you once you sign up for our managed IT services. We offer a multi-faceted technology approach to backups and disaster recovery for businesses of all sizes, tailored to your needs. 

Our system includes the following components to protect your data at any point of access: 

  • Backup physical appliance – Hardware at your location for data management and quick backups or restoration from your server 
  • Cloud services and encryption – Data security in flight and at rest for adaptability when working remotely through the cloud or relying on mobile access 
  • Standby disaster recovery – Off-site location management of data for backup archiving and retrieval purposes in case of cyber threats or malicious attacks 
  • Monitoring – Resolute staff to track and stop security breaches and retrieve data as quickly as possible 
  • Ongoing testing – Identification and preparation for disaster recovery in any situation 

Because our data backups and disaster recovery services are adaptable, we can pivot our focus and strengthen modules specifically for your business structure. Our approach is cost-effective for companies and more efficient without pressure to sign up for more than your business can use. 

What we mean by disaster recovery plan

Interruptions in your data flow may be minor and quickly resolvable, but they can also be catastrophic and time-consuming. Whether global, national, or local in scope, Dallas businesses are no strangers to disaster. 

Without a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery plan in place, your company is vulnerable to system shutdowns, lost sales, and workflow stoppage. 

What if you are unable to recover your data from storage? Do you have a contingency plan in place for the worst-case scenario? 

At Network Elites, we offer the reassurance you need to prepare for anything that may come your way. 

Our data backup and disaster recovery services can overcome potential data loss from the following common and extreme causes. 

Even the most elaborate information technology systems can break down. If you have ever lost time because of outdated or broken equipment, you know that the possibility always exists. With a data backup, storage, and recovery plan in place, you can preserve your data without a major undertaking or forensic reconstruction. 

The web is a dark and scary place, and as much as we like to remain optimistic, we recognize that some people will stop at nothing to shut down your venture. Do not subject your data to the whims of mercenaries who will interfere with your system and demand ransom payment to return your information. 

It is not just your imagination! Natural disasters do seem to be occurring with more regularity. Floods, severe storms, tornadoes, and fires are just some of the disasters that can either directly or indirectly slow down your company’s progress. With a backup and disaster recovery plan in place, you can survive at a time when your competitors may struggle. 

No one is perfect, and mistakes can happen. Hopefully, no one on your team has the potential to devastate your operations. Still, if such an event should take place, our data recovery services at Network Elites can turn an unscalable mountain back into a molehill. 

How you can benefit from backup and disaster recovery solutions

What contingency plan does your Dallas-area company have if you cannot preserve your critical data? The truth is that today’s business environment focuses on streamlining work models to eliminate waste and boost growth with new clients and customers. In the wake of these cost-cutting measures, many IT services or dedicated in-house staff members can no longer manage data protection effectively. 

At Network Elites, we provide reliable backup and disaster recovery services to address any slowdowns or problems in our clients’ data workflow. We will work to protect your information and prevent data corruption. Here are the benefits you can have with our disaster recovery solutions. 

Loss prevention & round-the-clock support

With our backup and recovery system, we provide several avenues through which you can backup and later retrieve your data without a significant infrastructure investment. Data loss does not care what time it is, but with complete disaster recovery support and protection 24/7/365, you will not need to fear the worst-case scenario happening off the clock. Our staff will monitor your system remotely, even after business hours.

Thorough testing

Don't wait for an actual disaster to make sure your backup system is effective. Hire our team to evaluate your data backup so we can address potential problems and be ready with practical technology solutions to support your business. As they say: an ounce of prevention!

Improved productivity

Growth only happens when companies keep moving. With a backup and recovery plan in place, you can avoid work shutdowns, focus on business continuity, and keep your staff engaged in their responsibilities instead of pulling people to attempt company data reconstruction of lost or damaged files on your server.

Industry leadership

Without the risk of data loss, your company can continue to establish itself as a trustworthy partner in relationships with your clients or customers. Other businesses, on the other hand, might be playing catchup with frequent slowdowns for disaster recovery. Imagine the impact that reliability and business continuity can have on the service you provide to potential customers.

Leading the way with backup and disaster recovery

Not trusting your current backup solution can leave you with "data anxiety." We invite you to make our team at Network Elites your go-to resource for backup and disaster recovery in Dallas, TX. We offer IT services, including data protection, project management, and disaster recovery solutions to keep you up and running, no matter what happens.

Contact us at (214) 247-6962 to learn more about our consulting, support, and managed IT services for the best solution to streamline your business process.