Cloud Services

Stay ahead of the competition

Develop a custom cloud infrastructure

Today’s business environment is fast-based and innovative, so it needs cost-effective information technology that can keep up with the pace of information management changes.  Today, many businesses and organizations are moving away from in-house IT operations in favor of cloud solutions to handle their data, software, and other information resources. 

Outsourcing a company’s cloud services comes with a distinct set of issues that many business owners may not be equipped to handle unless they are IT professionals. How do businesses decide what range of cloud resources best fits their infrastructure and data management needs? 

At Network Elites, we offer comprehensive technology solutions to help any sized business manage its network. Many companies today are choosing to hire outsourced managed IT service providers rather than maintain a dedicated IT staff on their payrolls. Outsourcing allows the company to focus its energies on clients, productivity, and growth rather than keeping up with the latest technologies in the rapidly changing IT domain. 

Making sense of cloud services

If you are new to cloud computing or unsure how cloud-based IT services can support your company, we are happy to show you how managed IT services can benefit your company. We can collaborate with any business or organization to develop the appropriate cloud infrastructure that works any tier of cloud service, whether IaaS, PaaS, or SaaS. 

At Network Elites, in addition to providing outsourced managed services for staffing, we will act as a hosting company for all your IT needs, or we can provide cloud consulting to help you with project management. 

Here is a breakdown of our cloud services and how our expertise can support your business: 


At your request, Network Elites team will review your IT services to look for current challenges and find technology solutions. Some of the factors we evaluate include data storage, servers, hardware, software, internet use, and security. Our thorough analysis generally provides businesses and organizations with a better picture of their strengths and how they might improve employee and client relationships.


At this stage of collaboration, our Network Elites consultants will create a scalable solution that can pivot with your company's users' needs. We might suggest multi-tenancy for smaller businesses to operate pooled cloud services for better productivity. For larger companies, we can step in with on-demand cloud services to manage hardware, handle software updates, identify security concerns, and maintain database and cloud storage.


At this stage, you will be able to see the difference managed IT services can make for your network. What could take your employees months to coordinate and deploy in-house is no match for our resources. With a robust plan in place and swift infrastructure solutions, our team will enable you to get back to the business of running your business and let us support you with cloud-based services.


Cloud services are not static, and neither are IT service solutions. At Network Elites, we will continue to analyze your infrastructure and data storage and make adjustments to your cloud on demand. Cloud services continually evolve, and we will support your business by staying on top of technology and finding solutions to your IT service needs.

Understanding cloud solutions

Let’s take a deep dive into cloud services to appreciate how information technology can support your business. These services illustrate how your company could utilize Network Elite’s cloud support services to enhance your network and customer experience.

The following are tiers of cloud computing services. 

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

At this most basic tier of cloud services, our team will customize a virtual cloud-computing network of servers, storage, hardware, internet access, and other services to keep your operations up and running smoothly. You get the advantage of our expertise, the freedom to adjust services as needed, and the flexibility to connect with customers and streamline your process. 

Platform as a Service (PaaS)

At this second tier of our cloud services, we can structure and maintain your IT solutions by giving you support for application (app) creation and implementation over the Web. This involves testing, hosting, and maintaining your apps within an integrated environment. You retain control of your business direction, and we back your company with cloud solutions that make sense. 

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Building upon the second tier, the third tier, SaaS cloud services, enables us at Network Elites to provide your business and your users with developed, ready-to-use software solutions on a subscription basis. This eliminates the hassle to you of being involved in the software development, licensing, updates, tracking, or installation.  Our team will manage the software and offer you our support as you use the software to improve productivity.

Reaping the benefits of cloud computing services

Where are the advantages for your company in using cloud-based computing services from Network Elites?  Consider the following benefits from collaborating with us on cloud services solutions: 

Instead of raising capital to purchase and maintain your own hardware and software infrastructure, your business would have us oversee servers, hardware, and cloud storage as a hosting provider. 

Your business can decide what level of cloud service you need, and then we at Network Elites will create the cloud solutions to address your needs. Instead of add-ons that are more a hindrance than a solution, you would only commit to what you need. You would also have the flexibility to adjust your cloud and expand servers as you grow. 

Cyberthreats and ransomware can impact all businesses. With an intelligent cloud solution, you could mitigate any risk and protect your most important asset: your data. We would monitor users in your cloud and ensure appropriate access to prevent work stoppage or lapses of your cloud service. 

Your cloud would be able to allow remote and mobile users to interface with ease. Our cloud solutions would account for your mobility and adapt to your needs. The whole point of cloud computing is to provide the freedom to move, work, and function away from the office. 

Business success comes from efficiency and productive capacity. At Network Elites, we would give your team the tools they need to connect and collaborate. A managed cloud makes it easy for workers to share ideas and promote engagement. 

Because we would be continually monitoring your cloud, we would be able to pinpoint security breaches and prevent data loss. Cloud storage is the key to successful disaster recovery for our clients. 

If you have experienced an infrastructure overhaul, you know the downsides of in-house technology services. Cloud computing can eliminate waste and reduce your business’s carbon footprint, which in turn can make your organization more attractive to clients. 

Cloud services will keep you one step ahead of your competition by simplifying your infrastructure and supporting your staff at every stage. Cloud services tend to make your business more efficient and allow you to dedicate your time and energy to growth and success. 

Working with cloud services in North Texas

At Network Elites, we serve local companies in Dallas as well as companies nationwide and globally to keep our client companies on the cutting edge of IT technology.

Contact us today to learn more about our cloud solutions and other managed IT services that might support your company’s goals and vision. Call us at (214) 247-6962 for a consultation to explore your cloud options.