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Prevention, maintenance, & recovery

Make security a top priority

If you own a business, your company’s cyber security should be a top priority. Unfortunately, hacking incidents against small businesses increased by 424% in 2020. If your business does not have network security measures in place, it’s only a matter of time before your data and finances fall victim to a cyber attack.

At Network Elites, our cybersecurity managed service provider experts take a triple-action approach to managing small-business cyber security by prioritizing prevention, maintenance, and recovery. You can trust our team members to work tirelessly to:

Today is the best day to begin securing your company against cyber threats. Contact our Network Elites office manager now to schedule a consultation for cyber security services in the DFW Metroplex.

What is cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity—also known as network security— is the practice of securing your company’s digital networks, devices, data, and programs against cyber attacks. These attacks typically aim to access, change, or destroy sensitive information essential to your company’s daily operations.

Sometimes, hackers and cybercriminals access this information to extort money from companies. Other times, they steal files to disrupt a manufacturing supply chain or create downtime in which companies cannot work. And sometimes, hackers obtain valuable data to sell on the dark web.

These attacks frequently occur among organizations both large and small. At Network Elites, our unified cyber security service approaches include three primary elements: people, processes, and programs:


You and your employees must stay vigilant against cyber threats to your company by using strong passwords, taking caution when viewing suspicious emails, backing up files, and keeping company login information safe. Our managed IT and cybersecurity experts can provide comprehensive security training services to ensure that you and your workers take the necessary measures to minimize threats and promote compliance.


Your business should also have a strategic infrastructure in place to prevent attacks, protect your information, and respond to threats. These processes should also emphasize user compliance to ensure that your employees follow essential security measures and requirements.

Our Dallas-based Network Elites team members utilize the best security frameworks in the industry to tackle our clients' cybersecurity needs. We manage everything from threat prevention to data recovery and all other support services.


Using the right technology and programs is essential to keeping your digital networks and systems secure. Our managed services provider team uses a range of top-level programs to protect business technology, including endpoint devices, smart devices, routers, networks, and cloud computing systems.

If your business has never experienced a data breach or cyber attack before, you may falsely think that this type of threat would never occur. Unfortunately, it's not a matter of if your company would fall victim to a cyberattack, but when. Hiring a network security provider like our team at Network Elites as soon as possible is essential to securing your business against external threats.

What is managed cybersecurity?

Companies can fill cyber security jobs in two ways: by hiring an in-house security team or outsourcing network security to an already-established IT managed services provider.

As an IT managed services company, our team members at Network Elites can partner with your company through remote internet systems to provide you with comprehensive network security services and support. You don’t need to clear out any cubicles for our team: We’ll manage all of your security systems from our own office space, allowing you to return to business as usual while we work in the background.

Even though we won’t be working in your building, you can trust our cybersecurity experts to handle your security with the utmost care, expertise, and consideration. We have spent years perfecting our network security services to provide the most thorough approach to digital security possible.

Instead of draining your resources on an in-house IT team, you can trust our Network Elites team members to treat your company as our own and deliver reliable, expert security support.

Why your business needs cybersecurity

If you’re unfamiliar with cyber attacks, you may not fully realize the importance of cyber security for your business. However, having the appropriate network security measures in place is essential to your business’s success, profitability, reputation, and overall well-being.

Here are a few of the primary reasons your company needs cyber security services.

Types of cybersecurity threats

As a company that places files or information in digital networks, your business is continually at risk of experiencing any of the following threats:


Malicious software that renders files unusable, infects your devices, or allows unauthorized users into your systems


Targeted attacks that block users from accessing your networks until you pay a significant sum of money

Distributed Denial of Service (DdoS)

Hacker technology that crashes your business's website, making it inaccessible for your employees and customers

Hiring an expert cybersecurity team to enact security solutions for you is the best way to protect your company from these threats.

Our comprehensive cybersecurity services

At Network Elites, we provide reliable network security and managed IT services that will target every aspect of your company’s cybersecurity. Our team offers the following services.

Network assessments

Our security services start with network and risk assessments. These assessments allow us to evaluate your business's existing infrastructure against external threats and help us identify the exact security measures and practices you need to protect your systems.

At Network Elites, we perform risk assessments through a small executable scan file on a thumb drive that we can plug into any computer within your domain. These files take less than an hour to run from start to finish and shouldn't conflict with your business's other software or applications.

Vulnerability testing

Along with risk assessments, we will perform vulnerability testing to identify weaknesses in your software systems. Knowing these vulnerabilities allows us to understand the appropriate solutions to reduce the probability of threats against your company.

Penetration testing

Our company will go above and beyond to identify potential threats to your organization. When you hire our team, we will run a simulated cyber attack against your software systems to gain a comprehensive understanding of your vulnerabilities. This simulation will also allow you to see the types of data hackers could obtain without our security measures.

Encryption solutions

Encryption is the process of scrambling data into an unreadable format to conceal it from unauthorized users. Generally, your organization should encrypt any personally identifiable information and confidential intellectual data to protect it from hackers.

If your company is in the healthcare industry, HIPAA and other regulatory boards may require you to encrypt patient-related data before exchanging it within or between network systems. Additionally, your financial services department should always use encryption to protect payment information, such as credit card numbers.

You can trust our Network Elites team to implement the best encryption practices for your industry.

Multi-factor authentication

Multi-factor authentication is a security measure that requires users to present at least two or more authentication methods before gaining access to an application or site. For example, your company could use multi-factor authentication to require employees to submit a password and a texted code before logging into their network emails.

This practice can reduce the risk of hackers breaking into your software systems. Even if hackers discovered your network passwords, they would need to gain access to the second level of the authentication process to enter the network, securing your information.

Dark web research

The "dark web" is the portion of the internet in which websites hide their IP addresses, requiring visitors to use special software or technologies to access those sites. Unfortunately, hackers often store or sell stolen information on the dark web. In fact, your business's private information could be on this remote part of the internet right now without your knowledge.

Our cyber security services include dark web research and monitoring. When you hire our team, we will continually scan the internet, including the dark web, for signs of your business's accounts and other private information. If we find anything, we will immediately enact recovery measures to prevent any further theft.

Mobile device security

If you and your employees use mobile devices within a central company network, hackers may attempt to access your network through these devices.

At Network Elites, we will enroll and configure your company devices to enable continual monitoring and security management. We will also implement measures to protect sensitive information within these devices, keeping unauthorized users out of your network.

Backups & disaster recovery

In this digital age, most companies store data and customer files in software systems rather than tangible filing cabinets. While digital file storage has its benefits, it also makes your information vulnerable to digital security threats. Even worse, if your company only stores files on a network system or internal server, a natural disaster could instantly wipe out your intellectual property.

Backing up your information in a secure cloud-based network is essential to ensure that you do not lose access to it during a disaster. However, if your company has already experienced information loss, you need a network security services team on your side to help you recover your missing data.

At Network Elite, we regularly assist companies across a range of industries with information backups and disaster recovery.

Computer updates

Keeping your computers and devices updated is an essential step in securing these systems against potential security threats. Software companies release security patches frequently that fix vulnerabilities in their programs, and failing to download these patches onto your system could leave your files at risk of a data breach.

When you hire our network security company, we will install patch management software on your devices to update your systems automatically and optimize security. This software can ensure that your systems stay bug-free without any action on your part.

Advanced endpoint security

Malware and viruses are some of the most common virtual attacks companies experience. At Network Elites, we use the latest technology to protect companies' endpoints, or the devices employees use to access computing resources, from potential threats.

Our advanced endpoint security technology can continually defend your devices and computers against incoming threats, providing a protective barrier to keep your data safe. Our cyber security services include both technology setup and maintenance to ensure that your endpoint security stays active as long as you need it.

Security training

Your employees play a significant role in your business's network security. Many of the most potent security threats require employees to act in some way, such as by clicking a link in an email or inputting login information on an unsafe site.

Unfortunately, hackers use many effective methods to persuade users to give them access to private information, and distinguishing spam emails from legitimate messages can be challenging for anyone. However, our security awareness training can provide your team with the necessary expertise to detect ransomware, malware, and phishing attempts before falling victim to them.

This training can also educate your team about security best practices, such as tips for secure password creation and ways to protect their accounts from unauthorized users. Altogether, our security training services can promote employee compliance to optimize your security processes.

Data loss prevention

Securing your business's information within your network systems and servers is an essential step in preventing security breaches.

At Network Elites, we can help you create infrastructure solutions to prevent information loss during your business's daily practices. Our data loss prevention solutions can ensure that your intellectual property meets compliance requirements and security best practices to stay protected within your network.

How we protect Dallas companies from cyber attacks

Our network security professionals can implement a range of technologies to protect your company against security threats. Depending on your business’s specific needs, we can use one of these solutions or combine several processes to provide comprehensive protection.

Here are a few of the primary solutions we use within our security support services.

The industries we protect

At Network Elites, we provide cyber security, network security, and managed IT services for companies in a wide range of industries. We typically serve the following types of companies:

If you don’t see your industry on this list, feel free to contact our team. We can partner with your company to create strategic solutions that solve your company’s specific cybersecurity challenges.

Why partner with our Texas network security company?

Network security companies abound in Texas, but not all of these organizations provide top-level services. Here are just a few of the many reasons you can trust our Network Elites team to protect your business against digital security challenges.

Industry expertise

Some small companies try to leave network security in the hands of an office manager who does not have the expertise necessary to protect their networks against hackers. At Network Elites, we know that it isn't the job of your office manager to be a network security expert—that's our job. As a result, we are prepared to take the security responsibility entirely off of your hands.

When you partner with our company for support services, you can feel confident that we have the necessary knowledge and expertise to provide top-level security services. Our team has spent years researching and mastering the craft, and we are prepared to share our skills with you to protect your networks.

Comprehensive network security solutions

Some network security companies only handle a few aspects of cyber security, like virus protection and compliance management. However, to get the most value out of your network security services, you need an organization that handles every aspect of your business's digital safety.

At Network Elites, we've developed a comprehensive approach to network security to ensure that we protect our clients against any challenges they may face within their industries.

Newest technology & software

Hackers and cyber criminals continually develop new technology that allows them to access secure software and steal valuable information. Taking an expert approach to network security necessitates using the most advanced security technology in the industry to counter the top-level systems hackers use every day.

At Network Elites, we use state-of-the-art Cisco technology to provide reliable endpoint protection for companies like yours.

Continual maintenance & improvements

When you hire our support team for security services, you can trust that our services will be ongoing. Once we set your company up with the best technology and security solutions, we will continue remotely monitoring your servers and system every day to ensure that our protective barriers keep doing their jobs.

Contact our team at Network Elites

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