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Network Elites’ IT consulting team works directly with business leaders and operational managers with an enterprise to guide the organization towards more modern and comprehensive technology solutions. Our consultants engage with the leaders to articulate mission-critical areas and point out the challenges that should be addressed. Through performance evaluation tools, our consultants can point out the under-utilized IT assets along with the IT assets that are running at a high utilization rate. We will propose recommendations on how to better leverage technology to make your IT assets into value-added tools for your business.


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Virtual CIO services

Our security services begin with network and risk assessments, allowing us to evaluate your infrastructure against threats and identify security measures needed for protection.

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Compliance practices

In addition to risk assessments, we perform vulnerability testing to identify weaknesses in your systems and recommend solutions.

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IT planning & design

Our team conducts simulated cyber attacks to assess vulnerabilities and demonstrate potential data exposure, helping you understand threats.

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Data center transformation

Our patch management software keeps your systems updated automatically, reducing the risk of data breaches.

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Data platform modernization

Our advanced technology defends devices and computers from malware and viruses, ensuring ongoing protection.

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Network & security integration

We offer security awareness training to empower employees to detect and prevent security threats effectively.

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In addition to best-in-class service at affordable rates, our services are scalable, secure, and accessible. Our team works hard to provide the best IT managed services in Texas by helping you monitor threats and implement modern technologies.

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